You can help by twittering YouTube directly, and asking that Phenibut God be unbanned!

If every person took 10 seconds to do this, we’d be back up tomorrow!

In an unsurprising turn of events, in light of recent YouTube censorship, the YouTube Phenibut God channel has been suddenly terminated.

A few days ago, a video on the differences between kratom and phenibut was reported and removed at 9:40am. Also, at 9:40am, a second email stated that my account had been deactivated. Even though YouTube clearly states their moderation policy is to give 2-3 strikes before a suspension or termination.

But the account was terminated immediately, for no reason beyond a generic template email (below):

email #1 sent at 9:40am
email #2…sent at 9:40am. See the contradiction?

This is censorship.

This was not a mistake, this was intentional and deliberate to shut down the truth because some liberal fucks didn’t like what I had to say.

Ultimately, this is not suprising. I’ve seen this coming.

Many recent events with YouTube censorship kept me expecting something like this. For example:

They sent me a couple more useless emails that did not explain how I allegedly broke their “guidelines.” Anybody familiar with the channel knows that not only was it a positive and real source of change for many people, but it was all legally harmless content that you can find in thousands of other channels online. And we hadn’t even gotten into live pickup videos yet!

Here are the emails I received:

And here is what it says on my Channel page now:

So basically, nobody can tell me a specific reason for why my channel was terminated or why they did not follow their own moderation procedure, and I am supposed to infer that it was because of “violent, abusive” content or “spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations.”

Anybody with a brain can tell that “based on our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service” is not a real answer and is a way of dodging a real response. Why?

Because if they actually tried to answer my question, they would be unable to tell me why my channel violated their guidelines without lying.

Because neither my channel nor my video broke any specific guidelines, and the moderation team, likely with their own agenda, simply decided they did not like my channel.

Update: YouTube admits they are carelessly censoring my channel

I am known for not looking at or responding to YouTube comments…


Their response is laughable because in many of my videos I state that I do not pay any attention to YouTube comments. I only ever respond to a handful of comments on my channel.

Their email makes it sound like I comment on other channels and videos marketing my products or channel. When in fact I don’t believe I have EVER commented on another video on Phenibut God. He also suggests I am trying to drive people off the platform. Why? Because I have links up to my website? Just like every other channel?

In other words, their reason is 100%, unadulterated bullshit and they know it.

They just want to stop me from telling it like it is.

Truth hurts haters.

Ultimately this is a brazen act of censorship out of an agenda. I have appealed twice, and will continue to send a new appeal every day until I receive a legit answer. But I fully expect Phenibut God to never come back online on YouTube.

This is part of a bigger war to get rid of anything that does not follow the liberal agenda.

But hear this…

Phenibut God is not done!

The site will stay, and other video options will be explored.

For me, it is a lesson not to rely or trust on a third-party for my video hosting. But since hosting on my platform is not feasible, I will simply be branching out to other sites, like Vimeo and Dailymotion instead. Along with this, I will be implementing a new structure.

All future videos will have their own dedicated text posts on the website, even if it is just a paragraph. Phenibut God the website will be the main feature, and not the YouTube channel. Fuck YouTube and their bullshit liberal free-speech hating. I will simply explore my other options and come back stronger than before.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t keep fighting to get my channel back up and running.

Thank you to all those of you who have been here from the beginning. You will see some old videos, along with many new videos appearing on the site, as we take Phenibut God into a new direction.

And hopefully, when YouTube burns, some new, more tolerant site will take its place.

How you can help

I have received a response from YouTube that my channel was violating terms of service for “Spam” and “mass solicitation.”

I have forwarded an appropriate response, wondering if they have the correct channel, but in the meantime I want to bring this to YouTube’s attention. This self-improvement channel has helped many people and I want to continue to be able to spread my honest form of content.

You can help by twittering YouTube directly, and asking that Phenibut God be unbanned!

Only when enough of us have brought this to corporate attention can this blatant censorship move be corrected. If enough people tweet, it will look like bad PR, and YouTube will be forced to reconsider its shortsighted decision.

If you are reading this right now, take 10 seconds to tweet to YouTube on behalf of me and Phenibut God. You can make a difference!

Just send them a tweet with the following (you don’t have to do this word for word):

I am a fan of the YouTube channel Phenibut God, which was unfairly taken down for “Spam.” This is censorship, and YouTube needs to bring back this channel for the community.

Let’s get Phenibut God back online!


  1. TDilly

    YouTube censorship is out of control. I figured they nailed you on some made up bullshit. Been following your channel since near the beginning. Looking forward to seeing you comeback, on whatever platform it might be.

  2. Nellie

    Please upload somewhere, anywhere, Motherless if nothing else works!! I’m a new fan of about a month, your work is important, of course, but mostly i just want to see more!

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