The End of Phenibut is here! (Read more)

All it takes is a massively underrated diet supplement that’s been on the market for years. It works far better than heavy prescribed drugs, without a lot of the risk. Plus it’s affordable.

Like any drug your can’t take it every day. But eventually you reprogram your brain so that you are open, anxiety-free, and have more balls.

That’s when you don’t even need drugs like phenibut or alcohol anymore to have a good time. But until you get there, you probably don’t even know what life is like without fear.

Phenibut was the cheat code I needed when I couldn’t get to the next level.

How did I hear about it?

Back when I discovered phenibut, I was struggling.

It was hard to make friends and meet women. I had no idea what I was doing wrong. Objectively, I should have been cutting it. I looked good and spoke with confidence, but all this time there was something lacking. I wasn’t always a nervous wreck, but I was just downright uncomfortable.

What nobody knew about me was that I had extreme paranoia. It was hard for me to leave the house. I thought every cop car going by was watching me. I was afraid of being “outed” by the people around me for trying to talk to women, or for being an “outsider.”

I always had some kind of irrational fear that never came true. I didn’t even know this wasn’t normal.

At parties I would either talk a lot or not at all. There was a crippling fear of getting in trouble surrounding me. It was never overt. It was something internal.


I wanted to fix it but it was incredibly difficult. I’d spent hours and hours talking to random people and it still wouldn’t go away. I burst out crying in bathrooms with panic attacks. No amount of exposure therapy seemed to be solving the underlying issue fast enough.

I knew it was going to be a major uphill battle to defeat this demon.

I was suffering. I needed a solution.

Enter phenibut

Underestimating, not believing in the power of any substance, wanting to do it all on my own out of pride, I had gone for years like this. Off and on, trying to overcome my “approach anxiety” with women and be able to live freely without the constant fear.


But things were so bad, I decided I was desperate. I might as well speed things up. After all, I was still trying through exposing myself. So I sent in an order for…


However, the plant was not able to be shipped to my state, so I was offered phenibut, a “dietary supplement,” instead by vendor Happy Hippo. Since I’d already put down the money, I didn’t object. The shipment came in only 2 days and I took it the next morning.

And the fog was lifted. I could see the light.

I felt open and free. Instead of the mask of anger I felt freedom.

It was like seeing in color. No one bothered me. Instead of looking at every person, wondering if they were “trying to find me out,” I smiled and they smiled back! I talked to a few girls, effortlessly. I felt on top of the world.

I went to some parties and suddenly everybody was talking to me, instead of struggling to work up the courage to speak. I had amazing sex with my then-girlfriend at the time. I could actually sleep at night, instead of worrying.

Phenibut was the catalyst, the solution I needed to finally overcome the anxiety. It made an otherwise perilous and practically impossible journey feel effortless.

Phenibut helped me become my real self.

Not only did I beat anxiety with it, but I went on to use it for all sorts of things because it is a powerful tool. It doesn’t have to be taken forever. Once you’ve beaten your anxiety, there are plenty of other uses.

Advanced users with less anxiety can also try microdosing for a little edge.

It can help you:

  • Become super-engaged in music
  • Perform without fear or anxiety
  • Speak your mind
  • Become much more attractive to people
  • Have sex longer and wilder

It’s like having all of the positive effects of alcohol or an industry pharmaceutical without any of the negative ones. It’s cheap and over-the-counter.

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