Super-plant kratom is being banned as a Schedule-I drug by the federal government.

This will happen on September 30 unless activism is able to stop this non-science-based, political move.

Chris from Happy Hippo has an excellent article on the subject.

Furthering on this, here is an email from the BEA.

Direct email from the Botanical Education Alliance:


DEA Trying to Ban Kratom

Here’s what you need to know (and do):

The DEA has announced it wants to make Kratom a Schedule 1 substance, meaning it will be banned throughout the US.

This is due to take effect in 30 days time. We need your help to try to stop it.

So many people benefit from this amazing plant, and will soon not be able to have access to it if this law is passed.

If you agree that this should not be banned, please help us by signing this petition below.

This battle will be won through the power of the people and community.

So please SIGN and SHARE this petition with the hashtag#savekratom

Help us to keep Kratom Legal!


Unfortunately, Happy Hippo Kratom may be disappearing soon under this ban, as Chris could no longer sell it.

Personally, I think it’s obvious why kratom is being banned.

It’s beyond fact that kratom is nowhere near as dangerous as LSD or heroine, but it’s still being scheduled as a class-I.

Big Pharma and Daddy Government want to ban kratom because it’s effective and better than their sellout drugs.

But anyway, kratom will still be around until the ban, which we can fight.

You can still get kratom while it’s left from Happy Hippo (and even order it in bulk).

Sign the petition to save Kratom here.


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