Do what’s hard one step at a time.


Are you tired of being held back by social anxiety?

It eats away at you every single day.

You’re tired of holding yourself back.

You just want to go where you please. You want to speak your mind. You want to be socially free.

It’s time to crush that anxiety and liberate yourself forever.

It’s time for exposure therapy

“Exposure therapy” is the process of literally exposing yourself bit by bit to social stress until all the anxiety goes away.

Phenibut God - You can get over anxiety if you can ride a bike
If you can learn to use this, then you can beat anxiety

It’s just like riding a bike–it takes practice, but you get better at it as you go along until it’s second nature to you.

But just “winging it” doesn’t always work. You could start out by just “saying hi” to people, but then what’s next? How do you REALLY get rid of that annoying, always-present fear or paranoia of just going out and do your own thing?

That’s where my step-by-step program comes in

You will Beat Social Anxiety with this 30-day guide. Inside is a 30-day program with different drills that you must accomplish on each day. It’s specifically designed to gradually expose yourself to progressively more pressuring social situations until you are free of anxiety and able to say and do what you want, when you want, to who you want.

These drills include things like just saying “Hi” to asking for favors to doing slightly more embarrassing things in public like doing pushups in the street until you are free to talk to people as you please.

At the end of the 30 days you will be over your social anxiety.

Does this guide use phenibut?


This guide also incorporates the use of the powerful anti-anxiety drug called phenibut. It is used as a tool for 15 out of the 30 days to make the drills easier. All of the drills can be done without phenibut, but it’s recommended to use it.

Also in the guide is some motivational information designed to push you to succeed.

What’s the story behind this guide?

Beat Social Anxiety is a product of me, the author, James Mast’s own experience with defeating anxiety. I run this site, Phenibut God, which teaches all about phenibut and how to use it to push through “exposure therapy” and beat anxiety or other social disorders.

All of the drills in my guide are actually things I did to kill my own anxiety. I started small and worked my way up.

Aren’t there already guides for beating “approach anxiety” or “AA?”

“Approach anxiety” is a term that people use for a fear of approaching women.

It’s an entirely separate phenomenon than generalized anxiety (GAD) or social anxiety (SAD) which can prevent some from even being able to leave their house or function normally.

My guide has you go way beyond just talking to girls. It will help you be able to go about your daily business and be capable of talking to ANYBODY, not just women.

Chris from has a phenomenal video here that explains perfectly the difference:

His recommendation is even to see your doctor to get prescription anxiety meds. But I know that phenibut is almost as effective as some of these medications, while being cheaper and over-the-counter.

Check out everything I know about phenibut here.

What’s the cost?

Small enough to use, expensive enough to feel worth it.

But what if I can’t do the program?

If you make an effort to get through the 30 days and you find that you still haven’t gotten over your anxiety or you are unable to complete the program, then I will send you a full refund for your time and effort. Just email me here and I will give your money back.

You’ve read about exposure therapy. Are you ready?

If you are, then download my guide, follow the drills, and you will be able to leave your house, go to parties, talk to strangers, and more.

You know that you don’t want to live in fear anymore.

It’s time to become free and BEAT SOCIAL ANXIETY forever!

Download here

P.S. If you do get my book, please leave me feedback! I want to improve the guide for you and others.

Edited for 2018.


  1. Maureen Hartnett

    I just received Phenibut four days ago after reading some positive reviews about it. I took a lower dose of about 500mg 3 days ago but did not experience any of the effects Phenibut is known to produce.

    After doing some research and reviewing your dosing guidelines, I took 1000 mg or 1 gram. I took it with Adrifinil-an atypical stimulant, a precursor to Modifinal (Provigil) and Armondafinil (Nuvigil). I also take Tieneptine, a supplement with great calming effects, but with a short half life of about three hours.

    Do you know if Phenibut is a good alternative to Tieneptine? I feel as though I’ve been taking too high a dose of the Tieneptine but only for 2 months. I wondered if you ever heard of anyone cycling between Phenibut and Tieneptine to not build a tolerance to either substance. Thanks in advance if you have heard of anyone else with this situation or if you could refer a me to a good research source.

  2. Rick

    Hey James, are you still using every other day? Are you still using the 1 gram dose? I have my reasons for asking and I do have experience with Phenibut, and might share them in the near future, somewhere. I’m asking for my personal reasons. Not to be nosy or to be critical.
    Also, if you don’t mind…how long have you been using and has it been a consistent usage since you started, have gone for periods without it? As in Days, weeks, Month or so. Thanks

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