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Phenibut is a powerful but safe nootropic (smart drug) and the best alternative to alcohol and prescription anxiety medications.

The stuff changed my life. It doesn’t have all the harmful side effects that an anxiety med like klonopin would cause, and it’s ridiculously effective way to loosen up, be social, and remove inhibition. There are little to no side effects, there is no intoxication and little “high.”

Most people’s first concern when they hear about phenibut is if it’s safe. While I’m not a doctor and I can’t give medical advice or prescribe anything, my long experience says that it’s far less dangerous than anything you can drink at a bar if you’re over 21. Anything can be abused, but when taken correctly it can be a game-changer.

Phenibut affects the GABA receptors in the brain. This is close to what alcohol does. We’re talking huge relaxation, mental clarity, increased charisma, lack of racing thoughts, fear, or paranoia, and highly increased creativity. In lower doses, it can boost sex drive, and cause you to become much more open and warm with people. Any guy struggling with anxiety or trying to pick up girls (which is almost every guy) will find it extremely useful.

Sex on phenibut is unreal and very intense. You last way longer and have no inhibitions, allowing you to connect more and even last longer.

Music sounds incredible and playing an instrument or singing gets taken to a whole new level. You’ll find your ability to play piano or guitar, for example, far surpasses that of being sober. I regularly play piano and sing at gigs around California, and not only does it loosen up my vocal chords, making my voice much less strained and more melodic, it also amplifies my emotions and allows me to play in ways I couldn’t understand without it.

The difference is very powerful. You’ll find if you try it regularly that music will just flow out of you, you become like a creative channel. I can enter a meditative-like state where I am able to play at a much higher level than I am actually at. All of my best recordings have been done on phenibut.

With the power of phenibut comes much greater emotion. Sadness, laughter, and anger will all be greatly amplified, with the upside being little to no fear, anxiety, worry, racing thoughts, or paranoia. This is why I recommend that if you are prone to anger or have a lot of testosterone that you know yourself and keep yourself in check like you would if you were drinking. Generally, I find it’s much easier to let things go and let loose and have a good time on phenibut, but if you’re in a bad situation or already upset this can make it come out.

I don’t think phenibut makes you emotionally unstable–quite the opposite, really–but it does make you more open. The benefit of this is that you can connect and vibe with people on a level you couldn’t with anxiety, and people notice. It almost feels like magic at a party or a bar. People have all written to me telling me how using phenibut helped them be the life of a party, or get their girlfriend, and by following my advice they were able to eventually beat anxiety in general and live a more full life and accomplish things they couldn’t when living in fear.

Why is this important to try? What separates this from other drugs?

For one, it’s over-the-counter. It’s technically sold as a nutritional supplement, since it does partially suppress appetite (although these days I generally get hungrier while on it). It’s also much cheaper than pharmaceuticals.

Probably the main benefit is that you won’t have horrifying side effects from most anxiety drugs that are prescription. Big Pharma meds tend to be highly addictive and can cause episodic rage and huge comedowns, where you will feel highly anxious with it.

Phenibut, when taken at the proper dosages (which will be slightly different for everybody) is generally much less powerful than meds like Xanax and isn’t as risky to use. I would liken it to alcohol as far as potency goes. If you drink every day, you’re doing way more damage to your body and psyche than using this stuff.

Very few people have even heard of it, precisely because doctors don’t prescribe it. There are some caveats to this, however.

For one, you can’t find it in stores. You’ll have to get it online. But if you’re reading this, then that is not a problem. Second, people are sometimes hesitant to take things that are not mainstream, but in my opinion you’re more likely to do harm following Big Pharma.

Probably the biggest downside to phenibut usage is it’s half-life. While you will feel it within 1-2 hours, it takes 6-8 hours to reach it’s peak. I find the effects usually last onto the next day, helping with sleep and making me feel pretty chill in the morning.

But this is not really a panic-attack drug that you can pop when you’re feeling anxious.

For anxiety attacks or panic attacks, you’re going to want CBD or kratom.

As far as side effects go, generally there will be little to none. I have experienced headaches before if I am already feeling low energy. If I am sleep-deprived or coming off of another drug then I can sometimes experience migraines. But the vast majority of time this is not an issue, and certainly other drugs (especially alcohol) can have far worse effects.

Another possible effect is a decrease in hand-eye coordination, in high doses. You can also become tired or fatigued.

If you go to sleep on phenibut, it can be very hard to get up. This is why I don’t recommend taking it on days you’re already quite tired and I don’t ever recommend taking a nap. But if you are prepared for a full night of sleep, then it can be excellent for getting deep and restful sleep and having more vivid and lucid dreams.

There are so many incredible uses for phenibut, and it works crazy good. I’ve found almost nobody has heard of it, which makes it immune to a lot of the drug war insanity, which is what has started to happen with previously little-known kratom.

How much do I take?

If you want to find out more about dosing phenibut, check out my complete dosing guide.

How to buy phenibut?

To purchase phenibut, check out my guide to buying phenibut and help support me and my site.


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