Phenibut can alter your life.

It can also just be a recreational tool. How much use you get out of it will depend on YOU.

Here are some of the major reasons to use phenibut:

Killing anxiety and depression

I’ve already talked about a bunch of general uses where phenibut combats anxiety in specific situations.

But what most people just don’t understand is that anxiety is a general condition or state that can be removed. You can get rid of that entirely through practice, just like you practice at any other skill. It’s like riding a bike. While some people drink at a party to “loosen up” and be able to talk to people they don’t know, there are plenty of people who don’t need alchohol to do that. They have no anxiety. They’re free socially.

Phenibut God - You can get over anxiety if you can ride a bike
If you know how to use this, then you can beat anxiety

Phenibut is a great tool to help you destroy anxiety by doing what’s called “exposure therapy.” That’s just a fancy way of saying:

Expose yourself daily to high anxiety-producing situations until the anxiety is gone.

This isn’t hard. You can just start by saying “Hi” to every single person around you. This will be difficult at first, but over time you’ll realize nothing bad happens and some anxiety will go away.

Over time you can work your way up to having conversations. Then you can work your way up to approaching women you like. Then you can work your way up to shouting things in public, hitting on girls without remorse, and speaking your mind to just about anybody.

It doesn’t happen all at once but you should never be ashamed to get started.

Phenibut is great because it kills your anxiety, which allows you to do all the things I mentioned above. If you just do them on a daily basis, then when you’re OFF the phenibut the anxiety will still be gone.

That’s how you beat depression or anxiety. Depression is really just fear of the outside world. If your depression isn’t caused by anxiety then your depression will cause anxiety. Fix one and the other will tend to follow.

By getting over your fears, you can stop avoiding people and situations that bother you. Finally.

Music and Performances

I already mentioned music and performances. The first time I played guitar on phenibut I was obsessed. Everything sounded so good I got chills. I just wanted to keep playing, and when I sang it was much better than average. There was nothing holding me back, no stress on my vocal chords.

Phenibut is like steroids for musicians or actors. For auditions or job interviews this stuff is killer.

Picking up women

I had the one of the best chats of my life with a chick while on phenibut. She was probably the hottest girl I’ve ever met, and I don’t say that because I was high. I opened her at the gym with insane confidence and we flirted for ten minutes straight, touching each and pushing each other around. She kept telling me she had to go back to her friend, but she didn’t want to leave. I had zero problem with taking her hand or putting my arm around her.

When she left she yelled, “I’ll text you!” and when I walked by later she pointed me out excitedly to her blond friend like an eager child. It was hilarious.

Later she actually texted me first (this is rare for women) and wanted to come over.

I’m not bragging. This is just one example of picking up a girl on phenibut.

If you have any fears of what to say, or whether to a touch a girl, or whether to approach, phenibut will take all that away. It’s like being hammered except without any of the bad stuff.

Parties and other social events

You can be the life of the party. Talking to random people is easy on phenibut. There is no “pressure” or stress. Consequences don’t seem to exist. This is good because people open up to you and you are able to be yourself. Again, like alcohol but no side effects. You won’t even need to drink anything.

I recommend this for public speaking or a theatric performance.

The gym

I’ve had killer workouts in the gym just by being on phenibut.

You don’t even think about the people around you. You feel calm and it feels “normal” and “natural” to just be working hard. It’s easy to make noise and lift heavy weights without holding back.

Because of this lack of inhibition you’ll find it much easier to go hard. It’s not much of a painkiller, but it’s easier to ignore the pain while on phenibut. Mix it with caffeine and you have an insane workout supplement.

I just went to the gym on phenibut as I write this sentence and it only re-affirms how useful this stuff is. Just when most people would be done, you’re able to keep going and keep pumping out. It really allows you to give all you have instead of holding back. That’s important because sometimes in the gym, when there are people around, we subconsciously hold back whether we like it or not. We’re afraid of going too hard or making too much noise. Obviously I don’t always have this problem but phenibut just makes hard workouts easy.

Amazing sex

Phenibut is never more a performance drug than in the bedroom. You can keep it up for a long time and you have zero inhibition. The sex feels great and you will be more into it. I could go into detail, but there’s really no need. If you’re sexually experienced, you know what anxiety and inhibition can do to harm your performance. If you’re not as experienced, then you are probably witnessing the effects of anxiety on your life.

There is actually a lot to be said for phenibut as an ED drug. It doesn’t enhanced blood flow, but it kills anxiety. Most erectile dysfunction is actually caused by anxiety, NOT an actual physiological problem.

This is good because phenibut will allow a lot of guys to get it up when they couldn’t before.

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