From the very beginning I have encouraged people to treat phenibut as a tool for personal growth, not as a long-term solution.

I have not reneged on that promise.

Don’t mistake my enthusiasm for phenibut as evidence that I endorse phenibut for the wrong reasons.

Make no mistake, I fully support phenibut as a catalyst for change. I relied on it to get past my baseline anxiety. I needed it. I probably would have gotten over my anxiety without it, but it would have taken far longer, perhaps years longer.

If not phenibut, I would have chosen kratom. But in fact, phenibut turned out to be WAY for useful for me than kratom would have been. It was a happy accident that kratom wasn’t available where I lived, and that I was sent phenibut instead. It wasn’t what I wanted…but it was what I needed.

I celebrate phenibut because it is such a useful solution, without which you are facing an uphill battle. I would know, because I remember crying on the street in the middle of New York. I remember being kicked out of a college party because “nobody wants you here” and bawling on the side of the road. I remember spending hours walking, with my head down, literally unable to speak to anyone. I couldn’t even open my mouth. Whereas a week before I’d been talking to people all day, I had been shut down too many times to handle. If I believed in disorders then I would call it PTSD.

But I don’t believe social anxiety disorder, or anxiety, is uncurable or even a real disease at all. It is the conditioned state of an individual that has been given too many hard knocks.

The reality is that unless you were conditioned for success at an early age, thus reinforcing that success over time, then you almost certainly were conditioned for failure instead.

That’s 20 years of reinforcement for failure. And 20 years is not undone overnight.

Can you imagine how hard it will be to undo 20 years of negative reinforcement and redevelop into success? Like i said, it’s an uphill battle and there is no reason to make it more difficult for yourself.

Unless you were born with a silver spoon, you’re already at a disadvantage, and so you’ll need all the resources you can get. There is no shame in “cheating” as it were.

I myself thought I could and would do it the “hard way,” but the fact is I could not. And that’s ok. It’s fine because I still managed to beat my anxiety, and I halved the time it took by choosing to put aside my pride and bite the bullet.

The first time I took phenibut I wasn’t sure what to expect, but any expectations I had were blown away. At first I felt “dirty” for resorting to a drug to unleash my confidence and attractiveness, but that was only because I didn’t understand the process.

In truth you already know how to be social and you have all the skill and ability within you, but it’s locked away through barriers and layers of anxiety. They’re mental blockades that have been formed through your past.

Well I don’t care about your past and you shouldn’t either. I stayed awake nights on end screaming inside for the answers to “WHY?!!”

But that question never got me anywhere. Because in fact, it didn’t matter. I was not as flawed as I thought and my problems were not incurable. I was just too far down the hill and climbing up the same section over and over again.

Many times we don’t even know what we need until we get it. Many people don’t even know they need anything even though they are looking.

That’s why it’s important to listen to your instincts and keep an open mind. That means setting aside belief systems or sometimes pride in order to listen to what our gut is telling us. If it tells us we need something, but that thing contradicts our beliefs, then there will be a conflict. And later there will be guilt or you will simply delve into the pit you’ve dug.

If you find yourself crippled by anxiety or unable to move forward with your life, then there is a chance you will eventually get to where you want. But it’s highly unlikely. And even if you manage it, you will have wasted a lot of time because there are solutions out there for you that will ultimately result in success much faster and much more efficiently.

The solution for me was phenibut. I had the drive, which no one else could give me. But I did not have the tools. I had been going it on my own for too long, and it wasn’t working. I was taking 3 steps forward, 2 steps back, and I wanted it to move quicker. I just wanted this to be EASIER.

And I wasn’t being a baby. There really was an easier way. And now I’m miles beyond most people, who will never overcome their anxiety disorder, because they never even try.

And for those who try, you might recognize the patterns I’ve described. If you’re moving up the hill, then it stands to reason that you can move up the hill FASTER.


And phenibut is a great way to do that.

It’s like superfuel for your engine. You’re plugging along, up the hill, but you add some of this special fuel and suddenly your engine is on superdrive, blasting you past obstacles.

It’s like flying a plane across the country instead of driving. It minimizes the time it will take and it will probably save you money in the long run.

Some people might enjoy the long, uneventful road and all the spending gas, getting lost, and anxiety about breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Then again, maybe not.

Removing anxiety is a major feat and it will benefit every aspect of your life. It is a milestone on the way to self-actualization. That’s not to say that you can’t be highly successful with anxiety, but the few exceptions are not the rule.

And anyway, with so little time and so far to go on the hill, why would you ever want things to take longer or be harder than they should?

It’s stupid, and I was stupid for denying myself advantages for so long.

The more resources and advantages you have, the more success you will have, which will naturally result in higher confidence and ability. This creates a virtuous cycle, and before long you can easily conquer obstacles that your old self would have crumbled under.

That’s all phenibut is for. I think it is the best solution to anxiety. It is like the high-grade fuel in your car. You can put diesel in your car, but ultimately it will smoke everywhere and wreck the car, plus it is more expensive.

Pharmaceuticals like Xanax or Klonopin or benzos are like diesel fuel. You need the right fuel. Those drugs will cause more problems than they solve, and they require red tape, doctor’s visits, and higher premiums to acquire.

Phenibut, on the flipside, is over-the-counter, self-administered, and much safer than those heavy pharmas. On top of that it works great. You can put the power in your hands.

When you use phenibut, you can make gains through exposure therapy. This will in turn desensitize you to obstacles that would normally seem insurmountable all by yourself.

That’s why I liken phenibut to a “friend.” When we’re with friends it’s much easier to socialize and accomplish. Though to reach success we must be capable of doing it alone. We cannot rely on friends.

It’s really a tool. If you want to do a job, then you need the right tools for the job. You don’t have to tell anyone. And if you find yourself more sociable and interesting, don’t feel guilt. It’s not just the supplement at work. Your true, naturally attractive self is buried under the surface of your anxiety, and eventually you will uncover yourself even without any drugs…if you try.

I see folks overdoing drugs and supplements and wailing about the dangers, but in fact those people are to blame themselves for their bad experiences.

They abuse the drug or take it incorrectly, or rely on it when they ought to be using it and then weaning themselves off of it. You shouldn’t be stuck or dependent on phenibut. But neither should you be stuck or dependent on running away from your problems.

If we are to take phenibut off the market as a solution for anxiety, then we should also get rid of headache pills.

Let’s get rid of pepto bismol and cough syrup.

We’ll get rid of alcohol while we’re at it, and coffee as well. We don’t want folks overdoing any of these potentially harmful substances. We’ll get rid of soda, since people can’t control themselves, and hell we might as well get rid of potato chips, doughnuts, and bacon too.

The real bandits are the pharmaceutical companies, who push SSRIs and antidepressants who cause people to be even more imbalanced and suicidal than before they started taking the drugs.

Don’t mistake the tool for its abuser. Guns can save people’s lives when a rapist breaks the door down and barges into their home. If we took guns away because someone who’s lonely and depressed shoots themselves, then we are doing responsible people a disservice.

There will always be people who abuse themselves, and rather than target the tool they are using, we ought to refocus our efforts on providing proper education and help for those people with the damaged psychology.

People might look at me funny for pushing a “drug” but in reality I have destroyed my anxiety. There was a time when I abused phenibut as an experiment, but that was my choice. And I did that for fun, and now I’m even better than ever.

You can do this too. Stop listening to the naysayers who abuse phenibut or sit in their homes and rot instead of taking action to overcome their obstacles. Chances are most of them are just suffering from their own anxiety. Their anxiety causes them to be fearful and worry about anything that could potentially help them. It’s hilarious–they refuse to take a supplement to solve their anxiety because of their anxiety. It’s a self-defeating cycle, and the only way out is to try something new. It’s worth the risk. Suffering from anxiety is damaging your quality of life in every aspect. You’re already suffering withdrawal.

For those of you who have made some effort to beat your anxiety, then you should already recognize just how difficult it is unless you have invested in a tool such as phenibut.

I’m confident that if you try it once, it will change everything. Even if it’s the one and only time you use it. And that’s because it will show you just how comfortable and sociable and even likable you can be.

Maybe it sounds like I’m just pushing for a sale. But I don’t sell products I don’t believe in. Once I was being asked to sell student loan consolidation services for over $600, a service that is free online. I quit that job because I didn’t believe in what I was selling.

But I believe in phenibut. I have results to prove it. There are testimonials from people who’ve used it and experienced exactly what I’ve discussed. They are more sociable, the life of the party. They’ve been beating their anxiety. They’ve gotten a glimpse of freedom. There’s hope.

Best of all you don’t need to call any doctors or spend a lot of money. But, as I’ve said from the beginning, you do need to do the work required to solve your problems. You can make the work a lot easier with a tool. You can also follow a guide if you feel lost or want a place to start.

Feel free to say I’m full of shit or knock the drug or condemn solutions, but there are people out there who have obliterated their barriers and done what they never thought possible.

You can do the same thing. It’s an unbelievable feeling, sometimes, looking back on the place I was versus where I am now. You don’t have to stay stuck in hell.

You can get out. You just have to do something about it.


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  1. Jacqueline

    hi yes I’m looking forward to ordering this because I suffer with social anxiety the only part that I don’t want it’s just sleeping part because when I’m depressed that’s all I do is sleep so I just want to have a get-up-and-go about me more energetic you know just let life pass me by but looking forward to ordering it thank you so much yes the reason for this I had lost my daughter in the car wreck so I’m trying to find some help me help me get back into the swing of things

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