So what’s not to like about phenibut?

Truthfully, the side effects for proper use are almost non-existent. Phenibut usually doesn’t have any hard comedowns or nasty effects like inebriation.

But these are the side effects you want to be aware of:

1) Slackened motor control in higher doses

Alcohol plays with GABBA receptors in your brain, and so does phenibut. But they work differently. Without the fog of alcohol and the poor decisions some seem to make, the other effects of this become a little clearer (but less of a problem).

Phenibut can make you a little “drowsy,” in that if you take a lot you can feel overly relaxed. You will be a lot “looser” and may even collide into things a bit more than normal. But these effects are typically offset by the greatly increased energy and mental clarity.

Keep in mind that this is only on higher, unsafe doses.

In general, you may feel a slight “looseness” while on 1g or below, but that’s it.


2) Drowsiness

In high doses (usually not recommended except for overnight sleep), phenibut will make you tired. You’ll still have clarity, but you will be fatigued.

NEVER take a nap on phenibut. Not only will it mess up the positive effects of the drug, but you will feel way too tired when you get up, usually with a minor headache.

Last time I took a nap on phenibut, I accidentally slept for 5 hours. It was mostly deep REM sleep, but I felt worse afterward than I had going in. Use this drug for what it’s for–killing anxiety.

It’s best to get a full night’s sleep if you’re going to use this drug as a sleep aid.

3) Minor headaches

Although not severe, you will notice sometimes on phenibut a slight headache. It’s unobtrusive but you will wonder why it’s there.

Make no mistake–it’s just the phenibut, working on your brain. Other nootropics and stimulants can do this too.

That’s it

Phenibut only causes severe problems for those who overdose (above 1g every other day). Take it more frequently than that or in higher doses and you will experience dependency, which will actually make you more anxious during withdrawal.

Just take it the way we recommend and it can be extraordinarily useful.


  1. Julia

    I may have jumped the gun, or assumed that because I am a former long term brnzo eater that I would have a preset higher tolerance, but I used between 1 and 2 Gs/24 hours for 2 weeks, and now have rip roaring projectile vomiting and intractable nausea. Help me here. Will have to take 2 weeks of unpaid leave if you can’t. Did I overdo it? Can I ever use it again? The 1st 2 days were magic.

    1. Cool Beans

      You deff overdid it. You probably found out you just needed a few days to recover. Or possibly it sounds like you had some kind of bug or flu. Kinda weird to just post needed help like that on a 2 year old post with no comments.

    2. Phenibut God

      You used it every day in explicit violation of every dosing guide available including mine.

      Disclaimer: Remember that this is not medical advice.

      What did you expect? Although these symptoms still don’t make sense.

      Don’t take it more than 2x a week if you’re gonna use it at all. It doesn’t seem to work well with your body.

    1. Phenibut God

      Remember that this is not medical advice.

      Imo there are several reasons for this.

      1. Stop taking it daily
      2. Get more sleep.
      3. Drink more water.

      Most headaches are caused by dehydration. If this is not the case, and you are not overly fatigued, then the likely culprit is some other medication in action that constricts blood vessels, as phenibut is a vasodilator.

      The combination between, say, a Cialis medication and a phenibut may cause a headache from the blood pressure oscillation.

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