Phenibut feels like being drunk, energized, and euphoric, but all while being sharp, alert, and energized.

It’s like a “fog” or “vibe,” you flow through the world without a care. It’s easy to speak your mind and be social. You won’t be nervous and you’ll lose a lot of your inhibitions. As a result, people will notice and everything will go much smoother.

Usually, like on Adderall, phenibut can give you a creative inspiration. You’ll feel more optimistic and things will be much more “connected.” You won’t have low self-esteem, insecurity, or negativity while on phenibut.

Emotions, however, will SEEM amplified. I say that phenibut does not actually increase your emotions, it only lets out what is already there beneath the surface. You may cry or be more easily prone to anger, though you won’t be agitated or annoyed. It will feel more like a healthy release.

Phenibut ALSO enhances all of your senses. You will be able to focus on your sensations. Eating will be much more enjoyable because everything will taste stronger and better. Especially something sweet will be a very euphoric experience.

Music also sounds great on phenibut. Phenibut “heightens” emotion and creativity, therefore you will be more musically prone. Since I’m already highly musical and creative, I find myself unable to stop singing. You can easily become lost in playing an instrument or listening to a song.

It also makes you feel like talking to people and having fun. Saying something to a stranger doesn’t feel “strange” at all. You’ll find that people generally like you better. I’ve had stellar job interviews while on the stuff. There’s just no “pressure.”

After reading a review on phenibut that described it as “childhood state of happiness,” I would also describe it as a sort of “childlike happiness” or “sheer joy.” You feel like everything is right with the world. I have mentioned before while on the stuff that I feel more childlike, almost “immature,” but I do not see these as bad things.

Your sense of inspiration and curiosity is opened up about the world, and it feels like you can explore freely.

Phenibut is freedom.

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