Here at Phenibut God we say goodbye.

Big Brother is taking it away

But! That’s not all.

Phenibut God is not going away. With a new vision and a new heart I say hello to new beginnings with a rebranding of the site and a rebirth into a new blog.

Thanks in the meantime to everyone for your emails and comments. Seems I’ve touched a lot of lives over the years and still get emails about it. Don’t worry, I’m coming back.

Stay tuned for the end of the Phenibut God and the birth of its new name. I will announce this soon when the time is right.

If you want to support all of my hard work over the years, you can still buy Red Monkey But 1 Get 1 Free at Red Supplements now–the last of the #phenibut–through the link below.

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  1. Ben

    Hey man,
    your videos were useful to me, and it’s a shame that they all got wiped out by Youtube busybodies-hope you find another platform to grow a brand and help other guys (women too, but I guess it was mainly men). Hope you saved them too-it was good to see the progress of someone who overcame similar issues, and it’ll still be an inspiration to future readers

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