Phenibut is a potent narcotic in high doses (overdoses >1g).

That is precisely why I don’t recommend it for sleep.

Still, it does work. Once I accidentally took 4-5g of phenibut because I had dumped the powder on a table. I shoved it into a cup of water and drank the water for about an hour.

Hours later, I was shopping at a mall and a wave of fatigue and euphoria came over me. It wasn’t quite like being drunk, but it was hard to stay present. I was almost too comfortable with people and I was walking very slow.

That’s why should only ever take a high dose for phenibut

when you are ready to sleep.


As I say in this article, you should NEVER take a nap on phenibut. You will wake up feeling overly tired and maybe even have a headache. It will be impossible to get things done for the next two hours.

So how does it work for overnight sleep?

That’s a better question. Truth is, the couple of times I’ve used it for this purpose I don’t even remember the sleep I had. It was long and I was already tired. Both times were by accident.

I think if you want a sleep aid there are much better drugs for that since phenibut can develop a high tolerance/dependency in high doses.

If you were to regularly take 4g (4X the recommended dose) a night for sleep you would become highly addicted to the drug and you would be facing some extreme anxiety. I do not think anybody should be using it for this purpose.

Whatever you’ve heard about phenibut being a good sleep aid, you need to evaluate its usefulness. Use it once a week for this, at most.

It’s just not worth it.

Kill your anxiety instead and get things done. Make yourself tired or get a cheap sleeping pill from your local drug store.


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