Hey guys (and maybe gals),


I’m currently in the process of re-writing all of Phenibut God.

There is just a lot of content here that needs to be re-addressed, and some of it deleted entirely. Basically, the entire
thing is a mess from my perspective.

Also, I am NOT the Phenibut God. The title is a hyperbole. And it’s also pretty accurate. This stuff rocks.

I’m also infusing the articles with more pizzazz. When I started, the posts were rather bland and dry. I was
trying to make this more of a “information only” site with a general audience target. But I realize that this is unsustainable in the long-run and less enjoyable for me.

There is also just some new information that needs to make its way into the existing database. For example, recommending 1g every other day is a strict and unnecessary regimen.

It’s quite possible to dose phenibut many different ways, with the KEY being “taking a break” before you develop
dependency, and not overdosing. I expect to be doing some videos over in light of this information as well.

I do NOT want my “dosing guide” being respresentative of the site, as it already seems to have become. It is my most
popular video but it is just a “starter method” to get you seeing what phenibut will do for you (and open your eyes to
what it’s like to be anxiety-free).


Thanks to all of you who have left me comments on my videos.

There are not a lot of comments here on the site, but I’m ok with that. As I said, this is mostly a resource center, it’s
not at all a community.

I’ve gone back and begun addressing comments I did not in the videos, and rewriting some of my responses to reflect my new

It’s not because I was too new to phenibut when I started the site.

Actually, based on some comments I have received, I kept them in my mind and they propelled me to experiment with phenibut
in different ways. I haven’t really covered these experiments, and that also needs to be addressed on the site.

While I didn’t see Phenibut God heading this direction initially, it’s possible phenibut could become a new mainstream or at
least popular subculture drug. At the moment kratom is the king in popularity, but don’t leave Phenibut out.

The way I beat my anxiety is perfectly doable by others, just from the comfort of their own lives, without any outside medical intervention or prescriptions or serious overthinking.

Just use the drug, go out, expose yourself, and over time everything will be peachy keen.

It’s up to you.


FUD stands for “fear, uncertainty, doubt.”

All I can say is, unless you have tried phenibut regularly, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

And if you’ve ever used alcohol, especially more than once, then you are in no position to talk about the “dangers” of
phenibut or how it should be a controlled substance.

You are free to go out and pop some shots of vodka, you should be free to pop a small dose of a drug that will do all the
same things without any of the side effects.

Get educated or get out. And by “educated” I don’t mean just reading this site, I mean go out and TRY it (shameless
product link).

As always, I try to be real.


– James Mast

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