Phenibut God’s definitive guide to taking phenibut the RIGHT way and getting max gains for minimum side effects.

Too many people abuse phenibut or don’t understand how to take it properly. This guide will explain when to take it, how much, and the proper use of a stimulant to enhance your experience.

This is a beginner’s guide but there is also an advanced section on MICRODOSING for more serious players.

Proper video if you scroll down.

Also check out my FAQ on ALL of the different uses of phenibut, how it works, and what it can do you for you:

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Understanding the doses

To know how to use phenibut properly, you must understand its doses.

When you purchase phenibut from our vendor, you’ll notice it comes in two flavors: 50g or 100g.  A typical low dose of phenibut is 500mg. This is what 500mg looks like:

500mg phenibut scoop (included with Happy Hippo orders)

First-timers may think 500mg is not a lot but they’re wrong.

There are plenty of guides out there advocating 2g or more but you don’t need that and even worse, it’s typical for many people to abuse phenibut their first time and take >2g their first time!

To truly get the best out of phenibut you’ll want to be taking just twice the doctor-recommended amount, a moderate/high dose of 1g.

One gram of phenibut is all you need for a progressive, eventually intense burn of phenibut that will open your eyes and make you productive. Since a dose of the powder lasts about 7 hours you could hypothetically take it twice a day, but this is not recommended.

One gram of this stuff is enough, and it won’t put you to sleep or have negative side effects. It’s the perfect dose. Just check out what Miguel had to say on the subject:

Just wanted to say that James knows what hes talking about. I took the advice of others and took 2 gr my first time and it made me pass out 8 hrs later. The second time I followed the Phenibut God dosing guide and WOW! I went to a party where I normally wouldnt  talk to anyone I dont know. Well I found myself talking to EVERYONE! Many times at the party I had groups of people circle around me listening to me talk about my travels and some of my other interesting experiences. I had the attention of LOTS of girls, got several phone numbers, and  … Im sorry if it sounds like im trying to brag, cuz im not. Its just Phenibut really helped me overcome my anxiety and allowed me to be social in ways Ive always had problems with. I mean I was literally the life of the party. Another thing I would like to mention is that it made me feel so good, that I had no desire to drink alcohol! Usually its the opposite for me at parties…I usually drink too much because I get drunk in an attempt to overcome my social anxiety. Anyway thanks to James for all the informative info and for posting the best and most accurate dosing guide!.

Since phenibut has a high tolerance, you’ve got to cycle it.

500mg of phenibut compared to 150mg of antidepressant and sleep-aid Trazodone


Cycling makes it easier for your brain to handle phenibut.

It’s very simple: for every day you take phenibut, you also take a day off. That means 1g every other day. If you do that, then you’re looking at 50g lasting you several months. By cycling, you avoid addiction, tolerance, and dependency. 1g is a safe dose at this rate and you won’t be having the problems that some people have when they overdose.

And since phenibut has such a long half-life you can see carry-over effects the next day, even the next night. It’s like any other addictive drug (alcohol comes to mind)–you don’t usually take it every day.


Some people have had success with injecting phenibut instead of taking it orally. This can drastically reduce the amount of time it takes for the drug to kick in, but it makes it more potent and may even be dangerous. Since I’ve never taken phenibut through injection, you may wish to do your own research.

The dosing guide

This video below will now demonstrate taking phenibut and explain our “method”:

0:00 – Introduction and what dosing I suggest

0:49 – Showing off Happy Hippo phenibut and scoop

1:18 – Talking about how people take it

2:07 – Stimulants (mixing substances) and 7 hour-“rule”

3:00 – Cycling

3:47 – Empty stomach/injection

4:20 – Actual demonstration

6:05 – Lasting until the next day

6:41 – Not a magic pill/Making an effort to overcome anxiety or depression

The guide

You can find the info in this video in better detail throughout the site. But this is an easy-to-use demonstration on how to actually take the stuff.

First off I recommend cycling phenibut by taking it every other day. This is to prevent dependency. You can cycle days or even weeks (one week off, one week on) but this is what I do and it works for me.

If you’re using our suggested vendor then you will be provided with a 500mg scoop.

Step 1 – Take two 500mg scoops

On an empty stomach, just take the little white baggy and scoop up the powder and then place it on the back of your tongue. Don’t put it too far back or you’ll burn the back of your throat.

Now you can either swallow or down it with a glass of water. When mixed with water phenibut will taste almost sweet, and it will have a sour aftertaste. Just rinse a little and this will go away.

Step 2 – Take a stimulant

If you want to take a stimulant now is the time. Phenibut won’t make you anxious, you’ll just get the heightened energy from whatever you take.

That’s why you can even try Adderall.

But for most people caffeine is good. Just a coke or two or a coffee will do just fine.

Step 3 – Wait 7 hours

While you’ll feel effects after about 2 hours and then be more steadily relaxed by 5, the 7-hour mark is important.

At 7-8 hours the supplement will peak.

This is when phenibut “kicks in.”

You’ll notice it right away and you won’t have any trouble identifying the drug is working.

The effects gradually build up, but this is the time most people will realize they are feeling particularly good and free of anxiety. This is your opportunity to smile, feel fantastic, and test just how fearless you are.


This is a part of phenibut use that I’ve recently been testing. My views on it and drugs in general have changed.

While the removal of anxiety is important in the initial stages of development to reduce the crippling paranoia and inaction that anxiety causes when in social or sexual situations, ultimately you cannot completely get rid of it.

That’s right. Anxiety is normal and natural and will never entirely go away.

The trick is not to totally remove it, but to not let it have anymore power over you.

Beating anxiety happens in STAGES, and the next stage is when you have enough experience and have exposed yourself enough that your baseline anxiety has been greatly reduced.

At this point, you may find yourself not needing phenibut much anymore. You may decide to quit altogether, or lower the dose.

I’ve done both. But now I recommend a new technique for advanced seekers of freedom:


Microdosing is taking such a minute amount of a drug that you can barely feel its effects. The goal is NOT intoxication, or distraction, but instead a minor performance boost.

Microdosing is performance enhancement for serious players.

When I take phenibut, I will do a microdose of 100mg or less. That looks like barely anything. It’s just some crumbs in a scoop. Or if you’re taking Red Monkey, that’s less than half a single pill.

But what it does is so subtle, it allows you freedom of mind and the ability to use it multiple times a week. Even at an everyday pace, you will not exceed the max dosage recommendations of no more than 2-4 grams a week.

Personally, I just use it for a subtle edge. I am already at a level where anxiety doesn’t hold me back much anymore, but there are days where I have it in the extreme.

There are also days where I want to sing or have great sex, and I want the subtle effects of phenibut working for me. Just a little bit goes a long way since phenibut is actually very powerful.

This is what I recommend to the advanced users or those with little anxiety. Even just a small dose of 500mg (one scoop of the powder, or two pills of Red Monkey) is more than enough to stimulate most users and give them that KICK they need to take action.

After that, it’s up to your own personal motivation and will.

You are no longer dependent on the drug to do anything, and you’re taking such a low amount you don’t risk tolerance or, worse, abuse. You are free to quit at anytime without any side effects or withdrawal, and you get the performance edge that you need without losing motor control or being too uninhibited that you make an ass of yourself.

Try it. Stop taking huge doses and learn to work on yourself instead.

Remember that anxiety is normal and natural (LINK – article coming soon) and that you can never completely get rid of it.

You just have to stop letting it control you.

Parting notes

Remember that phenibut is not a magic pill.

It brings out what YOU bring to the table.

That means you are still responsible for the actions you take while on it, and if you want to overcome anxiety or depression you will still have to TAKE ACTION.

But this is a lot easier on phenibut.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you got a lot out of this guide that other guides may not offer.


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Your friend,

James Mast

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