Any gains you make through exposure therapy while on phenibut are going to carry over to when you’re sober.

If you talk to 100 people in one week while cycling phenibut and then go off it entirely the next week, it will still be a lot easier to talk to people and you can continue where you left off.

I know because I’ve done it.


Phenibut is a shortcut.

It makes you more efficient in defeating your anxiety.

Rather than go through a long and drawn out painful process just to step outside your own house, phenibut will get you out the door and talking to people immediately. That’s the benefit.


It’s true that phenibut will make you feel invincible.

Normal people certainly don’t have this advantage.

But that doesn’t mean it’s “cheating.”

I’ve said it before and it’s important here:

You won’t realize how much anxiety you actually have until you take phenibut.

As they say: “You don’t know what you got till it’s gone.” This stuff will make you realize what you were “missing” all your life by not being this comfortable.

If you were to work really hard you’d eventually be able to feel anxiety-free just like when you’re high on this drug.

A goal to shoot for

Even if you were to take phenibut once and then drop the drug forever, it would give you one invaluable experience:

You’d know exactly what it’s like to be free of all anxiety and most fear.

This state, even if experienced once, will be the goalpost.

Every day if you make little strides toward being social with people and asserting yourself then you can reach that end-state without phenibut.

That’s what I’m shooting for with anybody who takes this.

I’m not trying to get anyone hooked long-term. I use it about once a week now for certain things. It’s definitely valuable to have around.

But the most important thing I got out of phenibut was that first “trip.”

Once you’ve gone there, you have seen the light. Your tunnel of anxiety has an end in sight.

That’s why I think this is a big deal.

So is it cheating?

Yeah, damn right it can be.

But why would you make things harder on yourself than they already are?

One day, when you’re anxiety-free, will you think to yourself:

“Damn, I wish I had taken a few more months to beat my anxiety and never known what my end goal would look like.”

Fuck no.

You’re going to think, “I’m glad that’s overwith, I’m so glad I’m here now.”

It’s possible I never would have beaten anxiety without phenibut to “start me off.”

Just use the drug as intended, and this little “cheat” or “lifehack” could change your life.

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