See “What will it do for me?” for a guide on all the different uses of phenibut.

The best way to describe the overall phenibut experience is that it’s like all of the positive aspects of alcohol, Adderall, and caffeine with none of the side effects.

Overall it allows you to be yourself without any inhibitions. It’s more effective than alcohol, even at low doses, but there’s no intoxication or hangover. If you normally drink at a party, take some phenibut instead and watch yourself become a social animal. You will lose the majority of your anxiety, or all of it. Walking into a room full of people, you’ll be glad to be there. It’s easy to smile and look people dead in the eye and you feel totally relaxed. People generally like you a lot more because phenibut takes away your inhibitions, but you can think much more clearly than normal. You will feel less of the need to think or worry, and you will have more energy.

It really is the “magic pill” for those introverted, anxious, or even already social butterflies who want to talk to people and make more friends–or more than friends.

All of this with minimal side effects and increased motivation and drive.

You can check out all the uses of it here.


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