Kratom is awesome stuff, but the corrupt government is trying to ban it.

Although I used to underrate it, since then I’ve had great experiences. I just had to experiment with higher doses and adjust to the nausea. It figures that now that I love kratom it’s headed for a ban.

The FDA is mad corrupt, and this is undisputed. You can abuse headache pills or cough medicine and get high and kill yourself, and yet a fairly harmless plant is targeted for regulation. It’s ridiculous.

We need your help to save kratom.

Please read this article to learn how kratom is literally saving lives of tons of people and how banning it will be nothing but a big mistake:

In addition to visiting the above link to Kratom-expert GLL’s instructions, I have below an email that I sent out to senators regarding kratom.

Right now kratom is still facing pending legislation in many states that have “survived” ban bills already.

These states are Iowa, Michigan, New York, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Kentucky, Alabama, and Georgia. With those 4 states in bold as the most dire ones. Again, visit the above link for good instructions, although that link is outdated.

Visit this site for current kratom info. Visit this map for how states and counties are handling the plant.

I am sending the same letter to any and all senators involved. I’ve already sent emails to senators in all four current pending states:

kratom email screenshot 2

You can find sample letters in the GLL link, or you can make use of my letter below. Don’t copy it word for word, and be sure to at least fill in the blanks with the relative info:


I’ll be frank with you.

I run [support] the world’s leading website on phenibut, a nutritional supplement, Phenibut God.

And I love kratom.

But right now the government is trying to ban it for absolutely no good reason, even though it is relatively harmless and extremely effective at pain relief and curing depression, as well as opiate addiction.

This ban makes no sense because right now you, XXX, can go buy headache pills or sleeping medicine at the store without a prescription. You can also buy vodka as long as you are 21. Yet this plant with all positive properties is being pushed toward regulation.

This is wrong and many people will suffer.

If you want to do right by Americans, you’re better off banning alcohol, since it is far more destructive.

Do not ban this fantastic natural plant!

Say no to [the kratom ban bill].

[James Mast]

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