Phenibut is certainly a miracle pill, but not a magic pill.

In general, phenibut is very “safe.” It doesn’t hit as hard as drugs like Adderall or antidepressants. The only danger from using phenibut is if you purposely overdose and don’t cycle.

This is the only case where phenibut can be dangerous for you because you might develop a tolerance or addiction. But that’s irresponsible use and does not mean the drug should be avoided. Alcohol doesn’t have to be dangerous either–as long as you don’t get blackout drunk.

Still, besides the minor, usually non-existent side effects of phenibut, there are still some caveats to consider, however, since nothing is totally “for free.”

1) Phenibut brings out what’s already there

For some users, this will help them become less stressed, or sleep better, or not be afraid to try new things or get things done. This can help get over depression.

For some, phenibut will give them a good starting point. Let’s say you are a woman who wants to make new friends at work. Phenibut will give you much more desire to start a conversation. You will FEEL as there is no problem doing it. But your rational mind can still talk you out of it. If you’re a man who wants to talk to women, for example, there might still be other reasons you hold back. You will have no trouble in a conversation or with being more open, but you will still have work to do.

The point is that phenibut can do incredible things and remove all of your guilt, anxiety, or fear, and make walking into a room full of people totally easy and comfortable, but that still doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to do anything you want. Like sales or being good with the opposite sex or just being social in general, there is skill and a level of confidence involved that you still have to work on.

But phenibut will make that process incredibly easier.

For those who are highly motivated or social already, phenibut can bring you to a whole other level. It’s like a real-life version of NZT from the movie Limitless.

Still, you must be realistic in assessing progress. Depression is not (usually) something you can destroy overnight, although the drug certainly would help.

It all depends on what you want to use it for.

2) Phenibut can be unpredictable

Phenibut can be a little unpredictable. It can last for 4-24 hours, and depending on how much you take, what mood you’re in, how tired you are, etc. it will have different effects.

In some cases, since phenibut takes time to kick in, you may experience a “wave” or “kick” when the phenibut is suddenly working well.

There was a time once when I took probably 5g or more of phenibut since i had dumped excess powder on the table and just took all of it. Later that night, I was out shopping at a mall and I suddenly had a “wave” of what felt like extreme fatigue overcome me. I felt very good but it was hard to focus or pay attention. I even had trouble walking in a straight line.

I made my way through aisles of clothing and people were friendly toward me, but my speech was slurred slightly and everything felt very “slow.” I still felt calm and without anxiety, though, and my mind was mostly clear. Just slow.

It’s possible, had I taken more or hadn’t gotten home in time, that I could have fainted. But I slept just fine and there was only a minor hangover in the morning.

This is just one example of extreme Phenibut usage. Overdosing like this isn’t going to kill you, but phenibut acts differently depending on when you take it. Sometimes it’s just a slow burn all day and you feel better within 2-3 hours.

Sometimes it takes 7 hours to “kick in.”

Sometimes the effect will drag over to the next day and you’ll still feel generally happier and looser.

Somtimes you’ll get tired and have a sort of phenibut “crash.”

The most reliable way to fix this unpredictability is to take Phenibut consistently, as per the method I prescribe.

3) Beating anxiety or depression is not possible without work on your part.

That’s why it’s not a magic pill. Phenibut will do its best to relax you and make you unafraid of social situations, but if you never put yourself out there or go through exposure therapy then after you stop taking it, unless you had a lot of social interactions, then your anxiety will return.

This is why some people stupidly take more than 1g a day of phenibut and don’t cycle it, develop a tolerance, go through a nasty withdrawal, and claim the drug is “dangerous.”

Anyone suffering from social anxiety has the responsibility to help themselves overcome it. It’s really very simple. Phenibut can only help you help yourself.

Otherwise, for those of you who are already quite social or comfortable, phenibut can help take you to the next level. It can be combined with other stimulants or smart drugs, for both ease and focus.

It’s up to you

Adderall gets passed around like candy on college campuses, and college kids these days are notorious drinkers.

If you’re skeptical about phenibut, an over-the-counter dieting drug, then that’s understandable but the research on this site can be easily verified and is to help you get started.

I’ve seen a lot of people on the internet blatantly be afraid of phenibut and disregard it because it “sounds too good to be true.”

These kinds of people will never solve their anxiety because they are waiting around for a real magic pill. They don’t want to put in the time and small steps it will take to eventually beat their problem.

The other camp is afraid of phenibut because of the horror stories they’ve read:

I’ve taken a lot from these forums so I want to give something back by sharing my experience with Phenibut. I went into this with my eyes wide open having read all the good and the horror stories. I started taking phenibut about 2.5 months ago. My daily dose never went above 3G (had caps, so I know) and I managed to take two day breaks although these got exponentially harder as time went on. In the beginning, phenibut was simply unreal. I can only describe it as the drug NZT in the movie limitless. The only difference is that phenibut works by making you think you’re a legend in your own mind rather than making you an actual legend. Either way, I’ve take it on days I had interviews only to hear back that I was ‘overqualified’. I’d be overly confident, too comfortable and pretty much slinging the sh*t if you know what I mean. It was all honeymoon in the beginning, the best I’ve ever felt in a looong time. Fast forward to now. I backed off on the 3g dosage down to 2g / day because it was feeling kind of toxic. My ears were ringing, shooting pains throughout my body (lower back / legs) that seem exactly like sciatica. Sitting for periods of time is unbearable. I’ve never had problems with sciatica before. I stopped for 3 days and yesterday and I didn’t experience anxiety, but I did experience anhedonia, depression, prickly skin, rumination about my life, etc. Total mindf*** stuff. I took 500mg to take the edge off, but I’m delaying the inevitable. I’m going to put aside 5- 500mg caps, chuck the rest and hunker down for hell. I can’t see any upside to phenibut anymore aside from maintaining and somehow it seems to aggravate if not outright cause my sciatica. If anybody has ever experienced body pains from phenibut, please let me know, I’ve never read anybody having these. I usually read that people feel “horrible” or “anxious”. I’m starting a new job in 10 days, if I can bring this plane down and keep it there I might … *might* be human enough to wobble in and maintain my sanity. I’m not the kind of person who can take phenibut 2 times a week and put it down, I’m sort of all or nothing. I may update this as I got if it helps anybody. I guess I’m writing it as a statement to myself that I can get off this stuff.

This complete idiot started off on phenibut taking 3 grams every single day, three times the recommended dose and he didn’t even cycle! Not only that, he sticks in the apology that he “never went above 3g,” as if to excuse the fact that he’s already heavily abusing the drug.

Yet people who are worried about phenibut turn to these stories for reference.

Why people choose to blatantly overdose on phenibut is their own dysfunction, but don’t let these stories scare you. Phenibut, just like alcohol, just like any drug on the planet, is going to fuck you up if you take three times more than the recommended dosage.

So don’t.

Instead, follow my instructions and you’ll be fine.


  1. ak

    Since this is a dieting pill, I’m curious – does it kill appetite? Since I’m trying to put on weight it’s not really desirable. Would have to force myself to eat I guess.
    My anxiety mostly comes from low self esteem linked to being a skinny guy tbh. I am changing it – eating a lot, the right stuff, working up, reading up on nutrition, counting macro nutrients, etc.

  2. Anna

    I am on antidepressant Prozac 40mg daily for the last 10 years, I kind of want to quit but doctors don’t recommend due to social phobia and panic attacks and so on. Prozac works good for mental part, but it really messes up my metabolism and libido. Can I mix my Prozac with phenibuf and slowly substitute for good?

  3. ABC

    Just tried FAA phenibut about a week ago. I dosed ~750mg and started to feel the very subtle effects about 4 hours later. I was in a depressive/anxious state the past year after my mom died, but since taking phenibut it feels as though my brain has been “re-wired” back to my old self. It’s been 8 days since my first (and only) dose, but I’m still experiencing the elevated mood and overall sense of well-being. Learned behaviors on phen seem to stick around after the drug has long past, you get what you put into this compound. I highly recomend for people in a “rut” of anxiety/depression.
    I don’t feel any urge to take again, one dose was enough to REALIZE that my brain has this whole other side to it (which has always been there).
    It’s seems to be like riding a bike; when you’re a teenager there’s nothing to it, and after not riding one for years, you hop back on a bike just to find yourself wobbling and unconfident. Phenibut should not be viewed as a “recreational” drug, but a tool to re-route your overall life path when you’ve lost your direction. 10/10 👍🏼

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