Phenibut can be used with stimulants for maximum effect.

This is an important section because phenibut absolutely can be used with other drugs, including and especially caffeine.

This is because phenibut works with GABA receptors in the brain and does not conflict with most other drugs.

Phenibut is known to be popularly mixed with stimulants like caffeine, and Adderall. This is because it nullifies the anxiety/jitters of these drugs, allowing you to take advantage of higher energy and calmness/comfortability.

Red Monkey was especially designed with a bunch of other ingredients in it along with the phenibut to max its effectiveness (“potentiation” in Nootropic-slang).

It was also designed with using caffeine in mind.


Taking phenibut with caffeine is highly recommended. You will gain the much higher energy, focus, and enhanced thinking ability of caffeine without any of the heart-pounding, anxiety, or shaking.

Taking a lot of caffeine or taking too much can lead to slight crashes, but the phenibut, having a very long half-life, will keep you afloat. It lasts a long time and won’t let you down even after the caffeine has dissipated.

I strongly recommend taking phenibut with caffeine, even if it’s your first time. This combo will make you extremely productive and creative, and if you need to wake up or tackle a rough day this can make all the difference.

I’ve never had a bad experience with the two.


Phenibut combined with alcohol will generally feel like what you would expect. You really won’t NEED to drink any alcohol if you’re on phenibut, you’ll already be “there.”

The effects are different and blend well together.

A bunch of scaredy-cats on the web say alcohol and phenibut together will kill you. Don’t listen to them–unless you have a very low tolerance drug.

Alcohol gets you intoxicated, but phenibut stimulates you. Adding the two together can keep you buzzed and social and uninhibited, and when the booze wears off the phenibut will still be going, maintaining your momentum.


For some reason phenibut is a stimulant, even though scientifically it isn’t.

This all has to do with energy and how phenibut unleashes your true self. It produces some crazy-ass psychic effects and attracts people to you. And it does this without fucking you up like booze does.

That is why I recommend skipping the alcohol completely and doing phenibut instead.

Replacing booze with phenibut

Pull apart a pill of Red Monkey and dump all the white stuff into some water or orange juice (or vodka).

Dunk it and drink some caffeine or an energy drink.

In 1-2 hours you will have a noticable effect.

Take 3-6 hours before you get your party on for max effect.

Then slay bitches!!!


Depending on who you are it’s entirely your decision whether to take Adderall with phenibut. Generally I would recommend caffeine instead, since Adderall can result in more of a crash or make you “crazy.” I remember running around, singing loudly, having boundless energy, and generally showing zero restraint. On the other hand, nobody minded (hah).

Not a lot of people have done this and research is inconclusive. If you have access to Adderall, by all means, see what it does for you. You might escape the “heart-pounding” or potential for extreme anxiety that Adderall can produce. I’ll admit I’ve only done it a couple times. I doubt it’s “dangerous,” but be prepared for the crash later.

I’d take a look at this article. It puts into words exactly what I felt and describes the benefits of using the two together.

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