Phenibut makes you fearless.

It quiets that overthinking, scared part of the brain.

You know what I mean.

The WALL. The barrier between you and being normal, being free.

The part that says, “I’m not good enough.” “I can’t do that.” The little nagging voices of self-doubt and the powerful fear that holds you back.

And in its place there is a positive, hopeful, uplifting attitude of relaxed eagerness. A sort of hunger for stimulation that also allows one to be at peace with yourself.

But it so much more than that.

The incredible feeling of self-esteem and power that comes from a lack of negativity is something most people just have never experienced.

And I want that for you.

Yes, even you.

I’d rather you see y’all succeed than let you fuck up over and over.

I’m the kind of guy that would shake a man by the shoulders and slap him in the face until he “gets it.”

Rather than let him waste away to my own benefit.

But that is because I hate weakness.

It disgusts me.

And in a land full of negativity and weakness, it is time for every man or woman to reclaim their true self. The real self.

Buried underneath all of the fear and the hate.

You can learn to be yourself again.

You can learn what it is like to speak without being afraid of who will listen.

You can teach yourself to talk to people–(yes, girls too, Johnny)–without that constant nagging fear.

And that is we all want.

Isn’t it?

To be free to be ourselves, and speak our mind, and more importantly, to be free of the fear that holds us back. Every day. In all sorts of little encounters.

And BIG encounters.

But don’t get me started on those.

Ya gotta start somewhere.

And for me, one of my steps was to take phenibut.

It served me in a time where I wasn’t getting anywhere.

I had FEAR holding me back.

And it was ruining my life. I was agonizing in frustration.

So I cheated.

That’s right, I’m a dirty cheat.

I took phenibut and made it easier on myself.

And now I am stronger for it.

For some of you, phenibut will change your life.

You will FINALLY know what it’s like to be free of anxiety. You will know what it is like for the first time to talk to a woman without paranoia clouding your judgment.

For others of you, it will be a performance tool.

It will help advance you to the next level.

But whoever you are, just remember–it is a tool. And tools that are left on all night die and lose all their battery.

You have to use tools in the right place, at the right time.

And you have to remember that you are the one wielding the tool. It cannot be using you!

Imagine if you picked up a drill and just started letting it do its own thing…

Pretty soon you wouldn’t have an arm!

But in all seriousness…

Phenibut is a powerful tool, and it is more useful than some of you know. It is highly underrated in the world community. And it is a well-kept secret for those of you who are hooked on overpriced and damaging drugs from Big Pharma such as benzos. (Klonipin). Or antidepressants.

Leave all that behind.

Leave the drugs.

Leave the fear.

And leave your guilt at cheating a little bit.

Phenibut is the best thing for some of you. It could change your fucking life.

It is the catalyst, just the start in a glorious transformation that will last the rest of your life.

From zero to hero!

Or at least better than you were yesterday.

Stop hiding in your rooms.


Go out and talk to people.

Assert your will.

Be the man or woman you were destined to be.

And stop letting fear hold you back.

This is the only the first step.

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– Toward a brighter future,

James Mast

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