Even if you’re not suffering from serious or severe medical depression, any “down” mood, lack of motivation, or otherwise undesirable state can be “cured” with Phenibut.

If you ARE suffering…Phenibut can be just as, if not more effective than the clinical anti-depressants the government/corporations will try to sell you and it’s much more affordable.

If you are hooked on a clinical antidepressant, like Trazodone, SSRIs like Prozac, Wellbutrin, Cimbalta etc. there is a depressive withdrawal in store for you–phenibut can help.

Phenibut can ease your mind. Since it’s slow-acting, you may not notice it at first. But over several hours you will find yourself happier, more talkative, more motivated, and more “yourself.”

If you’re just lying in bed with no reason to get up, if you’ve taken Phenibut you’ll notice you have more inspiration and will be more relaxed. Creativity will increase. It will be easier to act on things you want to do, instead of holding back because of depression.

No more lying around or sleeping, with no creativity or drive. Phenibut can awaken your mind and get you out of your slumber.

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