First off, you should never be taking more than 1g of phenibut for any reason unless you plan on taking AT LEAST 2 days off before and after. That’s how almost ALL phenibut “addiction” stories start out.

Phenibut has a fairly low tolerance, and can form a quick dependency if you overdose. That is why it’s important to cycle. The catch here is that it is slow-burning and the effects can last onto the next day, making it unnecessary to take frequently.

Personally I liken it to cigarettes.

The first one you try you get that nicotine “head-buzz” or rush. After that the effect slowly goes away until you’re left with just the ugly cigarette taste in your mouth, and a possible addiction. But phenibut can actually reduce addiction. The point is that if you take it too frequently (more than 500mg a day or 1g every other day) or hit it too hard (2g+) you’re going to find after a while that the effects just aren’t the same.

You’ve got to be smart.


When you take too much phenibut (2g every single day, for example) then after a week you stop taking it, you’ll experience some tiredness and some anxiety. That’s it.

Withdrawal is only really a problem for people who overdose. I’ve never had a single problem with phenibut except for both of the effects I just mentioned, and that was after using  abusing it.

Use it the right way

Push yourself through exposure therapy to get over your anxiety and eventually you won’t have to depend on phenibut to feel good or not be depressed. If you are struggling with being social or getting out of bed then phenibut is the way to go. Make things easier on yourself. Even if you want to “do it on your own,” by using phenibut you can shorten the amount of time it takes to overcome whatever you’re facing. And we could all use more time. You still have to make the choice to get over these things anyway. Phenibut can’t do that for you.

You could easily sit around on the couch all day, while on phenibut, and be smiling and content just to be all by yourself, and make no effort to go outside. There are people who do that.

But if you want to be true to you and fix your problems, there are tools at your disposal. This is just one of them. Use it effectively.

Take at a look at our guide to see my recommendation.


  1. Christa B

    I didn’t know how to take it and I have been taking about just under 1/4 teaspoon twice a day. Without it my anxiety skyrockets now and I think I am in trouble because I can’t manage without it and don’t know how to fix this.

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