You wake up and take one gram of phenibut. You down it with water. Good to go.

A couple hours later you are calm and relaxed. You probably don’t even notice. You haven’t got out of the house yet so there is no comparison.

Another hour later and you are at the gym. You notice you feel light, flowing. You maintain good posture and naturally look around at the people working out beside you. It is easy to look them in the eye. Not only that, it feels RIGHT. You WANT TO.

People nod and some girlies even smile, and you’re just feeling good. The euphoria only increases.

You rip out some reps and then, fearless, you grunt loudly and rip out some more beyond anything you thought capable. You wonder why you were holding back this whole time.

You see a girl you want to talk to and your heart doesn’t pound. You don’t feel any anxiety or fear. But something holds you back. There is still a barrier in your mind, almost physical, that prevents you from following your instinctual impulse: to just go up and talk to her.

After a little bit you notice you feel a bit flushed, and alerted. You can tell this would normally be a state of panic or worry, but the feelings never come on very strong. You are able to get over them. The drug is working as it should, but it requires you to still pull through.

So you get up and go talk to her. Big deal.

Afterward you feel nothing, nothing but euphoria anyway, and you walk out the door feeling chipper and you smile for no reason at the sunshine.

A girl drives by in her car and suddenly honks at you. You smile back. It just feels natural.

You get in the car and you don’t even have to think about the skill of driving. It feels so smooth, and that antsy feeling of wondering whether you’re going to fuck-up is gone. You are motoring down the street when a cop car pulls out right in front of you. The cop looks you dead in the eye–at least you think so, since he’s wearing sunglasses–and while you hesitate in your car it’s only because of the onset of traffic, not because he’s a cop.

Instead of feeling worry, fear, or paranoia, you smile at the cop and feel totally confident in your driving skills.

As he turns the other direction you wonder to yourself how you were ever afraid of anything in this big wide world, you are unstoppable, there is no pressure. The world is your oyster and you are in command.

And the day has scarcely begun.

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  1. ak

    I see. So you still do the work in it like approaching a girl, it’s just that it feels easier. Can understand how with practice you could change your thinking on it to be like that all the time, like after a while even when not on it you could think it’s no big deal.

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