Regulars of Phenibut God may know that the YouTube channel was senselessly censored.

I was away for a while but I have decided to return to the scene with a Dailymotion channel until I can find something better. I will be uploading new videos on the channel and continuing the momentum of Phenibut God by giving you clear, down-to-earth, no-bullshit advice and thoughts based on my personal experience.

My perspectives on anxiety and drugs have changed, and the new videos should reflect that. As a result, I will not be re-uploading any previous videos. I’m going to be updating the site, though. You’ll see new content here.

Thanks to everybody who sent me emails and comments over the years. It’s great to hear you improved your lives, and I’m giving you what you want by making a new channel. People have asked me to return, but I wasn’t ready. Don’t mourn the old channel. I was “too much” for YouTube liberals and I’ve always given pretty extreme advice and concepts.

Let me know of a good alternative to Dailymotion. I want more outreach!

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Your crazy Millenial, James

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