If you want to get started beating anxiety, there’s really not much to it.

You just have to make yourself afraid and then do it anyway.

I talk to people on a daily basis who I don’t give a fuck about. And I don’t give a fuck if they know I don’t give a fuck about them.

Consequently I am able to approach just about anyone for any reason, including girls. And the more you are exposed to this, the less it affects you.

If you are worried about what people think, it’s best to get yourself into a lot of trouble. Go out in the middle of crowded areas and take flash photos. Take them of yourself. Go up to random people and introduce yourself and just start talking.

If you’re worried about getting arrested, then let yourself get arrested. It probably won’t happen. I’ve been detained by police multiple times and I’ve done far crazier shit than just talking to people, and still never been arrested.

The worst is not worth thinking about anyway.

“Beating anxiety” is a pretty general term. I understand that.

In reference to me, I wanted to get rid of my fear of authority and paranoia about getting in trouble.

As a result, I had to get myself into a lot of trouble in order to stop worrying about it.

I now view myself as my only authority. Nobody can limit me or tell me what to do. I no longer feel “held back” from doing something because I was pre-disposed in my youth to believe it was wrong.

The best way to get yourself socially adjusted is to fail a lot. For me, it was talking to scads of women that got me over a lot of my anxiety. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t normal, and I took myself through the cold slog through hell to get there.

The best plan to beat anxiety is just to do something scary every fucking day. No, it’s not always easy.

But if you fail to do something new every day, then you are just staying the same while slowly dying.

All these people worried about using a drug like phenibut are afraid of existing! You’ve spent years afraid of people, and now you’re afraid of a drug that could help you?

You’ve got nothing much left to lose if you’ve had a lifetime of mediocrity and failure. Might as well throw something new into the gears.

That’s what I did. I was really reluctant at first to try a drug like phenibut, but the overwhelming frustration of having daily paranoia and panic attacks just while out and about because of talking to girls was eating away at my soul.

If I failed to talk to a pretty girl I felt like the day was ruined, the regret made me crazy and I had many sleepless nights because I didn’t feel I had worked hard enough that day.

The best thing phenibut can give you is momentum, but of course you can get that on your own.

Start today. Start tomorrow. Just go out and talk to someone.

Get in trouble and hold your head high and laugh if anyone calls you out.

“Fear is just multiple layers of fear of itself.” Somebody famous said that. But it’s hella true because your fear is only causing you misery, and nothing else.

Over years nobody has ever called me out for talking to a single girl or guy for any reason. I’ve gotten into trouble with cops before in the past but there was really nothing to be afraid of. And for those of you afraid of police, all I can say is that they were freak events and there was nothing much I could do to prevent them, and some women are babies and need their hands coddled. Right now there is a war on men.

But aside from that, there is no better time to start becoming fearless.

If you want a powerful tool, use phenibut.

If you want a straight-up guide, use my book Beat Social Anxiety.


  1. Ben

    Hi PG,
    a good site- since I found your Youtube channel I’ve picked up a supply of phen in advance of the impending ban in the UK, and I’ve found it pretty good, with some degree of all the touted benefits. The only barrier to more frequent use to enhance life is that it makes me incredibly sleepy. If I take 500mg in the morning, by around lunchtime i’m tired enough to fall asleeep at my desk (I have done, but someone nudged me and woke me up before anyone else noticed). Is this a recognised side-effect? Have you found or heard of a combination to mitigate the downside whithout affecting the positive effects? Coffee, the most obvious, doesn’t make any noticeable difference.

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