This is where phenibut rules.

It takes away your “inhibitions.” Until you’ve taken it, you won’t even realize how much inhibition you have. If this sounds like a bad thing, you should know that while on phenibut you won’t be compelled to do anything stupid or rash.


You will still be rational and smart, in fact it will enhance these qualities, but whatever is under the surface will come out. This is because your anxiety is gone–there is nothing preventing you emotionally from being yourself.

Emotional freedom is a necessary component of comfort and social bonding. The ability to be yourself and be authentic will draw others to you.

Phenibut helps by removing the psychological barriers you have put in place.

Without the fear or suppression, you can begin to express your true self. You will actually be free to make the choices you want to make, instead of living in fear.

This is a win-win for everyone.

Read about how I killed my anxiety with phenibut right here.

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