Overall phenibut experience

See “What will it do for me?” for a guide on all the different uses of phenibut.

The best way to describe the overall phenibut experience is that it’s like all of the positive aspects of alcohol, Adderall, and caffeine with none of the side effects.

Overall it allows you to be yourself without any inhibitions. It’s more effective than alcohol, even at low doses, but there’s no intoxication or hangover. If you normally drink at a party, take some phenibut instead and watch yourself become a social animal. You will lose the majority of your anxiety, or all of it. Walking into a room full of people, you’ll be glad to be there. It’s easy to smile and look people dead in the eye and you feel totally relaxed. People generally like you a lot more because phenibut takes away your inhibitions, but you can think much more clearly than normal. You will feel less of the need to think or worry, and you will have more energy.

It really is the “magic pill” for those introverted, anxious, or even already social butterflies who want to talk to people and make more friends–or more than friends.

All of this with minimal side effects and increased motivation and drive.

You can check out all the uses of it here.


Even if you’re not suffering from serious or severe medical depression, any “down” mood, lack of motivation, or otherwise undesirable state can be “cured” with Phenibut.

If you ARE suffering…Phenibut can be just as, if not more effective than the clinical anti-depressants the government/corporations will try to sell you and it’s much more affordable.

If you are hooked on a clinical antidepressant, like Trazodone, SSRIs like Prozac, Wellbutrin, Cimbalta etc. there is a depressive withdrawal in store for you–phenibut can help.

Phenibut can ease your mind. Since it’s slow-acting, you may not notice it at first. But over several hours you will find yourself happier, more talkative, more motivated, and more “yourself.”

If you’re just lying in bed with no reason to get up, if you’ve taken Phenibut you’ll notice you have more inspiration and will be more relaxed. Creativity will increase. It will be easier to act on things you want to do, instead of holding back because of depression.

No more lying around or sleeping, with no creativity or drive. Phenibut can awaken your mind and get you out of your slumber.


This is where phenibut rules.

It takes away your “inhibitions.” Until you’ve taken it, you won’t even realize how much inhibition you have. If this sounds like a bad thing, you should know that while on phenibut you won’t be compelled to do anything stupid or rash.


You will still be rational and smart, in fact it will enhance these qualities, but whatever is under the surface will come out. This is because your anxiety is gone–there is nothing preventing you emotionally from being yourself.

Emotional freedom is a necessary component of comfort and social bonding. The ability to be yourself and be authentic will draw others to you.

Phenibut helps by removing the psychological barriers you have put in place.

Without the fear or suppression, you can begin to express your true self. You will actually be free to make the choices you want to make, instead of living in fear.

This is a win-win for everyone.

Read about how I killed my anxiety with phenibut right here.

Hitting the gym

I’ve had killer workouts in the gym just by being on phenibut.

If you’re going to a gym, you will have no fear. You won’t be intimidated by anyone, you will be relaxed and totally able to focus on working out. You can focus without worrying about distractions like people’s stares or potential conflict. You don’t even think about the people around you. You feel calm and it feels “normal” and “natural” to just be working hard. It’s easy to make noise and lift heavy weights without holding back.

This substance will enable you for some extreme and effective workouts. Because of the lack of inhibition you’ll find it much easier to go hard. Reps will be easier to max and your breathing will be easier. You’re more willing to give all you have into each set and even make some more noise, if that’s your style. It’s not much of a painkiller, but it’s easier to ignore the pain while on phenibut. Mix it with caffeine and you have an insane workout supplement.

I just went to the gym on phenibut as I write this sentence and it only re-affirms how useful this stuff is. Just when most people would be done, you’re able to keep going and keep pumping out. It really allows you to give all you have instead of holding back. That’s important because sometimes in the gym, when there are people around, we subconsciously hold back whether we like it or not. We’re afraid of going too hard or making too much noise. Obviously I don’t always have this problem but phenibut just makes hard workouts easy.

If you’re a person who’s not motivated to go the gym, phenibut can be your savior. Whether it’s a lack of willpower, a fear of what people in the gym will think, or being intimidated by fit people, this drug can help. Seasoned gym vet or not, you’ll find a much enhanced workout experience.


For a detailed guide to using phenibut as a sleep aid, see this article.

Sex and Women

Phenibut is an amazing sexual tool and it also is great for talking to women.


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  1. Cajun

    Sorry I realize this is an old post.

    I have a question which I have been researching, with no results.

    Can you use red monkey or straight phenibut, while also taking testosterone supplementation. Prescripted T-therapy?

    Side effects? Contradictions? Info?

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