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Get phenibut
Get phenibut

Become fearless with phenibut

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Start here

Everything about phenibut boiled down into one page

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Social anxiety program
Social anxiety program

Are you tired of being held back by social anxiety?

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More about the world’s top phenibut site

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Start here

Everything I know about phenibut all in one page. All the info on this site boiled down–with a few more stories and some pointers. I’ll tell you exactly what it does, how it does it,...
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Social Anxiety Program

Do what’s hard one step at a time.   Are you tired of being held back by social anxiety? It eats away at you every single day. You’re tired of holding yourself back. You just...
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Get Phenibut

Become fearless with phenibut. All it takes is a massively underrated diet supplement that’s been on the market for years. It works far better than heavy prescribed drugs, without a lot of the risk. Plus...
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James here. I run the world’s top phenibut website. I have my own growing YouTube channel where the goal is to KEEP IT REAL. (Read how Phenibut God was unfairly censored on YouTube.) I’m an...
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Start here

Everything I know about phenibut all in one page.

All the info on this site boiled down–with a few more stories and some pointers. I’ll tell you exactly what it does, how it does it, what I use it for, and how I beat my anxiety with it.

I’m James Mast. You can read about me here.

You can also find detailed information all over this site but this post will really introduce you to all the uses of phenibut…and why it could be such an important drug for many people.

First – just what is phenibut?

It’s a smart drug that has a ton of uses. It’s legal and over-the-counter. It doesn’t need a prescription.

Just because it’s easy to get doesn’t mean it’s weak. This stuff is powerful and can remove all social inhibitions. It’s not like alcohol in that it intoxicates you and shuts off your brain. Quite the opposite.

Phenibut makes you more alert and more present in the now. It enhances all of your senses. Donuts taste amazing. Music not only sounds incredible but addictive.

All your anxiety, worries, and fears go away. Almost completely. It’s a “performance drug”–literally. You can use this for performances and you will never act or sound better because there will be nothing preventing you from giving your best.

Another interesting effect of phenibut is that it makes people like you. This is because you are super comfortable and relaxed, and people pick up on that easily.

Before we get into the rest of the post, you can watch this relevant intro video to phenibut.

What are all the different ways I can use it?

I already mentioned music and performances. The first time I played guitar on phenibut I was obsessed. Everything sounded so good I got chills. I just wanted to keep playing, and when I sang it was much better than average. There was nothing holding me back, no stress on my vocal chords.

Phenibut is like steroids for musicians or actors. For auditions or job interviews this stuff is killer.

Picking up women

I had the one of the best chats of my life with a chick while on phenibut. She was probably the hottest girl I’ve ever met, and I don’t say that because I was high. I opened her at the gym with insane confidence and we flirted for ten minutes straight, touching each and pushing each other around. She kept telling me she had to go back to her friend, but she didn’t want to leave. I had zero problem with taking her hand or putting my arm around her.

When she left she yelled, “I’ll text you!” and when I walked by later she pointed me out excitedly to her blond friend like an eager child. It was hilarious.

Later she actually texted me first (this is rare for women) and wanted to come over.

I’m not bragging. This is just one example of picking up a girl on phenibut.

If you have any fears of what to say, or whether to a touch a girl, or whether to approach, phenibut will take all that away. It’s like being hammered except without any of the bad stuff.

Parties and other social events

You can be the life of the party. Talking to random people is easy on phenibut. There is no “pressure” or stress. Consequences don’t seem to exist. This is good because people open up to you and you are able to be yourself. Again, like alcohol but no side effects. You won’t even need to drink anything.

I recommend this for public speaking or a theatric performance.

The gym

I’ve had killer workouts in the gym just by being on phenibut.

You don’t even think about the people around you. You feel calm and it feels “normal” and “natural” to just be working hard. It’s easy to make noise and lift heavy weights without holding back.

Because of this lack of inhibition you’ll find it much easier to go hard. It’s not much of a painkiller, but it’s easier to ignore the pain while on phenibut. Mix it with caffeine and you have an insane workout supplement.

I just went to the gym on phenibut as I write this sentence and it only re-affirms how useful this stuff is. Just when most people would be done, you’re able to keep going and keep pumping out. It really allows you to give all you have instead of holding back. That’s important because sometimes in the gym, when there are people around, we subconsciously hold back whether we like it or not. We’re afraid of going too hard or making too much noise. Obviously I don’t always have this problem but phenibut just makes hard workouts easy.

Amazing sex

Phenibut is never more a performance drug than in the bedroom. You can keep it up for a long time and you have zero inhibition. The sex feels great and you will be more into it. I could go into detail, but there’s really no need. If you’re sexually experienced, you know what anxiety and inhibition can do to harm your performance. If you’re not as experienced, then you are probably witnessing the effects of anxiety on your life.

There is actually a lot to be said for phenibut as an ED drug. It doesn’t enhanced blood flow, but it kills anxiety. Most erectile dysfunction is actually caused by anxiety, NOT an actual physiological problem.

This is good because phenibut will allow a lot of guys to get it up when they couldn’t before.

Eposure therapy to kill anxiety and depression

I’ve already talked about a bunch of general uses where phenibut combats anxiety in specific situations.

But what most people just don’t understand is that anxiety is a general condition or state that can be removed. You can get rid of that entirely through practice, just like you practice at any other skill. It’s like riding a bike. While some people drink at a party to “loosen up” and be able to talk to people they don’t know, there are plenty of people who don’t need alchohol to do that. They have no anxiety. They’re free socially.

If you learned how to ride this, then you can beat anxiety

Phenibut is a great tool to help you destroy anxiety by doing what’s called “exposure therapy.” That’s just a fancy way of saying:

Expose yourself daily to high anxiety-producing situations until the anxiety is gone.

This isn’t hard. You can just start by saying “Hi” to every single person around you. This will be difficult at first, but over time you’ll realize nothing bad happens and some anxiety will go away.

Over time you can work your way up to having conversations. Then you can work your way up to approaching women you like. Then you can work your way up to shouting things in public, hitting on girls without remorse, and speaking your mind to just about anybody.

It doesn’t happen all at once but you should never be ashamed to get started.

Phenibut is great because it kills your anxiety, which allows you to do all the things I mentioned above. If you just do them on a daily basis, then when you’re OFF the phenibut the anxiety will still be gone.

That’s how you beat depression or anxiety. Depression is really just fear of the outside world. If your depression isn’t caused by anxiety then your depression will cause anxiety. Fix one and the other will tend to follow.

By getting over your fears, you can stop avoiding people and situations that bother you. Finally.

I just released a new exposure therapy program for EXACTLY this purpose. It’s called Destroy Your Anxiety, and it puts you through small amounts of social pressure until the anxiety is gone. Check it out here.

How do I take phenibut?

You buy the white powder from a vendor and it arrives in some small container. If you buy from our recommended vendor you get a little white bag with a scoop.

You take one or two scoops (no more than that or you’re on your way to overdosing) and then you wait about 2-3 hours for moderate effects and 5-7 hours for extreme effects.

Phenibut takes a long time to really “kick in.” That’s unfortunate but the stuff is so useful that it’s worth just doing a bit of pre-planning beforehand.

It’s best to take it in the morning on an empty stomach. You can even take it a few hours before you get up. That way it will be somewhat active when you get up.

How does it work?

Phenibut is a white, psychoactive powder with very simple ingredients.

It stimulates GABA receptors in the brain, almost like alcohol. The difference is that alcohol plays with a slightly different type of GABA.

Are there any side effects?

I liken phenibut to alcohol because the positive effects are so similar. But in truth there are very little negative effects.

As long as you don’t overdose or abuse phenibut, there will be almost no effects.

The worst thing I’ve experienced is being really tired, but that’s because I overdosed. Other than that you may feel a very, very small amount of physical off-balance, but it’s not distracting.

You can get tired if you take too much. Phenibut is sometimes recommended as a sleeping aid but that is a terrible and reckless idea. Just take the recommended dose and there should be no problems for you.

Can I take it every day?

Usually not. It’s best to take it every other day. This is called “cycling” and it’s used to prevent dependency.

If you take it every day at a high-moderate dose such as 1g, you could become slightly addicted to it and this will cause problems for you in the future.

Officially doctors suggest phenibut be taken 3 times a week. So that’s a guideline for how often you should be safely using it. Just stay within the margin of taking a day off for every day you use it, and you’ll be just fine.

Is it dangerous?

One of my best videos on the subject discusses this topic:

Where can I get it?

I recommend Red Monkey as the top brand on the market right now for effectiveness, or Liftmode as a second for price and value. You can also try Happy Hippo, the best kratom vendor in the world.

Obviously you can check out the vendor or order some phenibut on the sidebar to the right or at this page.

Why do I believe in phenibut?

I first got on phenibut when I tried ordering kratom from my favorite vendor, Happy Hippo. Turns out kratom wasn’t legal in my state, but he sent me phenibut instead for the same price. I was impressed by this move so I went ahead and accepted.

I got the package in two days and I decided to jump right in and try it the very next morning. I took a 1g dose.

I went onto my campus and it was like just gliding through life. Nothing took any effort. I found myself just looking into women’s eyes with ease and they would smile back. For no reason I just introduced myself to a cute girl who smiled and even though she wasn’t interested it didn’t affect me one bit. In fact, I waltzed right into the bloodwork office and asked if I could get a free blood test. The lady smiled and decided that it was ok.

Funny how everything seems to work out on phenibut.

But this was only the beginning of the end of my anxiety. I had been working on it well before this and I had more to go. I ended up going to my nearby big city and talking to as many people as I could, on purpose. I proactively went out of my way to say something to every person. And it wasn’t easy.

There were plenty of women that I let just pass me by and I talked myself out of it. After several rejections I felt like a physical wall was preventing me from approaching. It felt “wrong,” like something I just couldn’t do. The inhibition was so palpable I nearly screamed and after about a half hour of this literal panic attack I broke down crying in the middle of the street for no reason. I just let it all out.

There was no fear here. I didn’t care as much about the people around me. It was a battle with myself. It was a battle with my lifelong conditioning telling me “not to hit on girls.”

Do you know how I got through this?

I took some more phenibut and that night, when it kicked in again, I was still afraid. The phenibut was working to its maximum potential but my mind and body still were at odds. So I got furious.

I was disgusted with my behavior and the fact that I was letting so many beautiful women just pass me by because of some nebulous “wall” in my head telling me I couldn’t. This maddening conflict drove me to push through my barriers and emotions and approach anyway.

That night did not go well.

I literally forced myself to approach and I felt like a rapist. I felt like a bad person. I felt like a total creep and a loser. But I ignored the feelings and I pushed through it anyway. I talked to every goddamn girl until I felt a fire beneath my feet. Before you know it, I eventually took glee in “annoying” these women. I came to embrace what I was doing, good or bad.

And that was the beginning of the end of my anxiety.

This is an incredibly personal story but it reveals the absolute soul-wrenching nature of how anxiety must be met: head on.

Most people just don’t have the guts for this. Most people just aren’t capable. I’m sorry, but that is the truth. And that is why I truly believe in phenibut. Any kind of tool or weapon you can use to crush this horrible affliction (anxiety) must be used wholeheartedly.

Some people turn to God to help them through tough times. Some turn to friends. But some people don’t want that or don’t have that. To me, phenibut is literally your “friend.” It’s something you can rely on when you are out there conquering your anxiety because you can feel it working and this lets you know, “Hey, I know you’re feeling anxious or guilty but it’s all in your head.” I’m dead serious when I say phenibut can be used like a friend. It sounds corny but it allows you to do things you juts otherwise would be too scared to do.

And the best part is that once you go off of phenibut, the anxiety doesn’t return. You’ve accomplished something. You may not be over it yet for good, but what’s done is done. You just have to keep going until it’s gone.

But enough about my story.

In conclusion

I think phenibut is a useful tool for many different people. It’s not a dieting drug and it’s not just an anxiety drug.

It can be useful for many different professions because it takes away stress and fear and it improves your clarity and thinking. I can think of a million different uses for it but anybody who wants to play music, perform, give a speech, pick up a girl, have a great workout, go to parties, have an interview, go to an audition, have a long day at work, or work at home and get a lot accomplished will benefit from this drug.

It’s really a “miracle pill” if there ever was one, although it won’t fix all your problems and it won’t necessarily make you a god.

But sometimes it makes you feel like one.


James Mast

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Dailymotion Channel
Regulars of Phenibut God may know that the YouTube channel was senselessly censored. I was away for a while but I have decided to return...
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Introduce yourself…
Phenibut makes you fearless. It quiets that overthinking, scared part of the brain. You know what I mean. The WALL. The barrier between you and being...
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KRATOM being banned by the DEA on September 30, 2016
Super-plant kratom is being banned as a Schedule-I drug by the federal government. This will happen on September 30 unless activism is able to stop...
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Social Anxiety Program

Do what’s hard one step at a time.


Are you tired of being held back by social anxiety?

It eats away at you every single day.

You’re tired of holding yourself back.

You just want to go where you please. You want to speak your mind. You want to be socially free.

It’s time to crush that anxiety and liberate yourself forever.

It’s time for exposure therapy

“Exposure therapy” is the process of literally exposing yourself bit by bit to social stress until all the anxiety goes away.

Phenibut God - You can get over anxiety if you can ride a bike
If you can learn to use this, then you can beat anxiety

It’s just like riding a bike–it takes practice, but you get better at it as you go along until it’s second nature to you.

But just “winging it” doesn’t always work. You could start out by just “saying hi” to people, but then what’s next? How do you REALLY get rid of that annoying, always-present fear or paranoia of just going out and do your own thing?

That’s where my step-by-step program comes in

You will Beat Social Anxiety with this 30-day guide. Inside is a 30-day program with different drills that you must accomplish on each day. It’s specifically designed to gradually expose yourself to progressively more pressuring social situations until you are free of anxiety and able to say and do what you want, when you want, to who you want.

These drills include things like just saying “Hi” to asking for favors to doing slightly more embarrassing things in public like doing pushups in the street until you are free to talk to people as you please.

At the end of the 30 days you will be over your social anxiety.

Does this guide use phenibut?


This guide also incorporates the use of the powerful anti-anxiety drug called phenibut. It is used as a tool for 15 out of the 30 days to make the drills easier. All of the drills can be done without phenibut, but it’s recommended to use it.

Also in the guide is some motivational information designed to push you to succeed.

What’s the story behind this guide?

Beat Social Anxiety is a product of me, the author, James Mast’s own experience with defeating anxiety. I run this site, Phenibut God, which teaches all about phenibut and how to use it to push through “exposure therapy” and beat anxiety or other social disorders.

All of the drills in my guide are actually things I did to kill my own anxiety. I started small and worked my way up.

Aren’t there already guides for beating “approach anxiety” or “AA?”

“Approach anxiety” is a term that people use for a fear of approaching women.

It’s an entirely separate phenomenon than generalized anxiety (GAD) or social anxiety (SAD) which can prevent some from even being able to leave their house or function normally.

My guide has you go way beyond just talking to girls. It will help you be able to go about your daily business and be capable of talking to ANYBODY, not just women.

Chris from has a phenomenal video here that explains perfectly the difference:

His recommendation is even to see your doctor to get prescription anxiety meds. But I know that phenibut is almost as effective as some of these medications, while being cheaper and over-the-counter.

Check out everything I know about phenibut here.

What’s the cost?

Small enough to use, expensive enough to feel worth it.

But what if I can’t do the program?

If you make an effort to get through the 30 days and you find that you still haven’t gotten over your anxiety or you are unable to complete the program, then I will send you a full refund for your time and effort. Just email me here and I will give your money back.

You’ve read about exposure therapy. Are you ready?

If you are, then download my guide, follow the drills, and you will be able to leave your house, go to parties, talk to strangers, and more.

You know that you don’t want to live in fear anymore.

It’s time to become free and BEAT SOCIAL ANXIETY forever!

Download here

P.S. If you do get my book, please leave me feedback! I want to improve the guide for you and others.

Edited for 2018.

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Dailymotion Channel
Regulars of Phenibut God may know that the YouTube channel was senselessly...
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Introduce yourself…
Phenibut makes you fearless. It quiets that overthinking, scared part of the brain....
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Get Phenibut

Get Phenibut

Become fearless with phenibut.

All it takes is a massively underrated diet supplement that’s been on the market for years. It works far better than heavy prescribed drugs, without a lot of the risk. Plus it’s affordable.

Like any drug your can’t take it every day. But eventually you reprogram your brain so that you are open, anxiety-free, and have more balls.

That’s when you don’t even need drugs like phenibut or alcohol anymore to have a good time. But until you get there, you probably don’t even know what life is like without fear.

Phenibut was the cheat code I needed when I couldn’t get to the next level.

How did I hear about it?

Back when I discovered phenibut, I was struggling.

It was hard to make friends and meet women. I had no idea what I was doing wrong. Objectively, I should have been cutting it. I looked good and spoke with confidence, but all this time there was something lacking. I wasn’t always a nervous wreck, but I was just downright uncomfortable.

What nobody knew about me was that I had extreme paranoia. It was hard for me to leave the house. I thought every cop car going by was watching me. I was afraid of being “outed” by the people around me for trying to talk to women, or for being an “outsider.”

At parties I would either talk a lot or not at all. There was a crippling fear of getting in trouble surrounding me. It was never overt. It was something internal.


I wanted to fix it but it was incredibly difficult. I’d spent hours and hours talking to random people and it still wouldn’t go away. I burst out crying in bathrooms with panic attacks. No amount of exposure therapy seemed to be solving the underlying issue fast enough. I was suffering. I needed a solution.

Enter phenibut

Underestimating, not believing in the power of any substance, wanting to do it all on my own out of pride, I had gone for years like this. Off and on, trying to overcome my “approach anxiety” with women and be able to live freely without the constant fear.

DSC_0132But things were so bad, I decided I was desperate. I might as well speed things up. After all, I was still trying through exposing myself. So I sent in an order for…


However, the plant was not able to be shipped to my state, so I was offered phenibut, a “dietary supplement,” instead by vendor Happy Hippo. Since I’d already put down the money, I didn’t object. The shipment came in only 2 days and I took it the next morning.


And the fog was lifted. I could see the light.

I felt open and free. Instead of the mask of anger I felt freedom.

It was like seeing in color. No one bothered me. Instead of looking at every person, wondering if they were “trying to find me out,” I smiled and they smiled back! I talked to a girl effortlessly and she liked it. I felt on top of the world.

Phenibut was the catalyst, the solution I needed to finally overcome the anxiety. It made an otherwise perilous and practically impossible journey feel effortless.



Phenibut helped me become my real self.

Not only did I beat anxiety with it, but I went on to use it for all sorts of things because it is a powerful tool. It doesn’t have to be taken forever. Once you’ve beaten your anxiety, there are plenty of other uses.

Advanced users with less anxiety can also try microdosing for a little edge.

It can help you:

  • Become super-engaged in music
  • Perform without fear or anxiety
  • Speak your mind
  • Become much more attractive to people
  • Have sex longer and wilder

It’s like having all of the positive effects of alcohol or an industry pharmaceutical without any of the negative ones. It’s cheap and over-the-counter. You can buy it right now online…

And the best phenibut online is:


Red Monkey

Red Monkey is the best phenibut brand, period.

Liftmode is the second-best. It is not as effective of a drug but it is quality phenibut and can be bought cheap in bulk.


Red Monkey is made by Red Supplements. It’s run by two very reputable men’s bloggers who have dealt with anxiety, and is actually more effective than any other brand.

This is because it’s got more ingredients in it that make you feel good. In its capsule form it’s twice as effective as pure powdered phenibut, like Liftmode.

Red Monkey frequently goes out of stock since its limited supply and in high demand. Order Liftmode if you need a lot of backup phenibut, it is still a game-changer even without the additives.

Red Monkey is SUPER-phenibut. Here’s a list of the advantages it has over the regular stuff:

  • Makes you feel happy and euphoric, not just uninhibited
  • Twice as effective, meaning it needs less dose
  • Less prone to abuse since it’s not in powder form
  • Seems to last longer, even until the next day

But the main two huge points in favor of Red Monkey are that it needs less dose for the same effect, and it makes you super happy and feel good, which regular phenibut may not always do.

highly recommend this stuff because I’ve used it extensively and it’s killer for social interactions, performances, job interviews, sex, and many other things. It annihilated my anxiety after a few weeks of hardcore usage and “therapy.” And you can do the same!

Please do me a favor!

If you buy phenibut, use the links on this page.

I get paid for referrals and it costs you nothing.

It helps keep this site running and is a way of saying thank you for everything I’m doing.

I make lots of videos and articles helping others live their lives to their potential. I’m high-energy and maybe my work will help you too! You can check out my YouTube channel here.

What PG fans are saying:

“Man I just got red monkey. You’re right it’s fucking fantastic!” – fab1qaz

“red monkey is Fucking awesome” – George N

“people just give me free stuff when I’m on phenibut! first time I tried it a clerk gave me a coupon for $14 worth of cigarettes for 2$,free cup of tea from teavana,free pizza slices at mall,lady bought my lighter and milk at the store! it’s crazy” – Doctor Baker

“Phenibut seemed to help me rewire my brain in a way where now i just feel free again even when i dont use it, when used responsibly it can improve mental well being.” – Dino Z

“I got on YouTube to look for reviews and your video “Why you need phenibut” was the first one I watched and ordered 100g from Liftmode shortly after… My friends were shocked because I didn’t have a single drop of alcohol, yet I was having a ton of fun dancing, chatting and starting conversation with any girl that caught my attention. After that day I decided to use phenibut strictly as a tool, it’s been 3 months, my anxiety is gone and I don’t use it as often. Thank you for making these videos and just know that your guide really helped change my life in a way I never thought possible.” – Monnir Humaran

“Just wanted to say that James knows what he’s talking about. I took the advice of others and took 2 gr my first time and it made me pass out 8 hrs later. The second time I followed the Phenibut God Dosing Guide and WOW! I went to a party where I normally wouldn’t talk to anyone I don’t know. Well I found myself talking to EVERYONE! Many times at the party I had groups of people circle around me listening to me talk about my travels and some of my other interesting experiences. I had the attention of LOTS of girls, got several phone numbers, and… Anyway thanks to James for all the informative info and for posting the best and most accurate dosing guide!”  – TheMiguelRadio

“It’s about 20 hours after I dosed from right now and I still somewhat feel it, good stuff.” – CJfgt

What’s next

After you order your Red Monkey it will ship priority in about 1-2 days.

Liftmode usually arrives in a week.

Then you can take your phenibut by following our dosing guide for best results.

You should also be sure to read about all of the different uses of phenibut to know what to do with it.




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Dailymotion Channel

Regulars of Phenibut God may know that the YouTube channel was senselessly censored. I was away for a while but I have decided to return to the scene with a Dailymotion channel until I can find something better. I will be uploading new videos on the channel and continuing the …

YouTube has CENSORED the Phenibut God channel, and how you can help

You can help by twittering YouTube directly, and asking that Phenibut God be unbanned! If every person took 10 seconds to do this, we’d be back up tomorrow! In an unsurprising turn of events, in light of recent YouTube censorship, the YouTube Phenibut God channel has been suddenly terminated. A few …

Introduce yourself…

Phenibut makes you fearless. It quiets that overthinking, scared part of the brain. You know what I mean. The WALL. The barrier between you and being normal, being free. The part that says, “I’m not good enough.” “I can’t do that.” The little nagging voices of self-doubt and the powerful fear …

A WARNING on the extreme side effects of so-called “panic attack” drug Klonopin (also known as Clonozepam)

I have bad news. First off, let me put up a disclaimer. Real quick, I ain’t a doctor. I have no degree and this is all of my personal opinion, it’s not “medical advice.” You apparently should seek out the advice of a medical professional (who may or may not have …


James here.

I run the world’s top phenibut website.

I have my own growing YouTube channel where the goal is to KEEP IT REAL.

(Read how Phenibut God was unfairly censored on YouTube.)

I’m an expert on phenibut. I’ve experimented with it for years and produced 250 videos on my former channel dedicated to self-development, using substances along the way for support.

That said, my views on drugs and phenibut have changed. I have said for a long time that phenibut is not a long-term solution. It should be used to get over your massive initial bouts of social and sexual anxiety, and then reduced.

Ultimately, the goal is NOT to get rid of anxiety. The goal is to stop letting your anxiety have POWER over you.

When I came on the scene I knew what I was talking about, but I was and still am pleasantly surprised by how many people report success with the supplement because of my website and channel. It is especially the stories that make me smile–the ones where people battled through their anxiety and had the same ups and downs and got over it–that make this worthwhile. I still get regular emails from people who followed my channel and changed their whole lives. That’s awesome and touching.

That’s what I want for you, too.

Don’t believe the naysayers. Almost all of them are completely irresponsible or don’t have enough (or any) experience with using phenibut. If you’ve ever had a drink of alcohol then you’ve already taken a worse drug than phenibut.

Drugs don’t kill people. People kill people.

And what’s great about it is that it’s way more effective and way less toxic than alcohol or, God-forbid, any heavy medications put out by Big Pharma and the FDA.

If you want to know more about phenibut, just browse this site. Check out my videos. Phenibut God’s channel has been removed by YouTube, but once I am ready I will most likely start a new channel on a new platform for those who want the truth. For now you will have to make use of this website, which is going to be going through major changes and revisions over the coming year.

Good luck on your journey, whatever that is, and don’t be afraid to cheat a little and ask for help.

Feel free to contact me here.

As always,
James Mast

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